Reddy Robin Asian Pear

Atago, 20th Century, Shinko, Olympic Giant, Hosui, Shin Li, Shinseiki off the top of my head. Atago, Shinko, and Olympic tend to get very little blight in my region. The rest I’ve hacked trees apart prior to learning strep sprays. My region of PA is very wet in Spring and a hell zone for fire blight.


When does Atago ripen for you? Is it worth while adding? I’m trying to add some later ripening varieties other than KG.

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Late September. I snagged it for my breeding program, knowing that it holds the world record for largest Asian pear. :slight_smile: I’d argue there’s better pears, but I have specific aims and goals for my breeding.

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@DeepBlueDustin @Robert

Yes atago holds the current world record Atago pear . The fireblight concerns for reddy robbin is something im not looking forward to.

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Wanted to note reddy robin should not be confused with the robin pear they are seperate pears. The images below are not mine and sources are noted. Pear - Robin - tasting notes, identification, reviews

" An old English pear with small, sweet, bright red flushed fruit

Origin: Norfolk UK,

Pollination: Robin is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop."


“Dessert pear. May be the old ‘lost’ pear variety London Sugar, as listed in the catalogue of nurseryman George Lindley, of Catton, Norwich, in 1796, but known before 1900. Can occasionally be seen on sale on Norwich market and elsewhere. A small red-flushed dessert pear best eaten very soon after picking.
Flowering period C
Pick late Aug and use Aug and Sept”

Reddy robin " fruit has the appearance and taste of an apple, but with the skin and texture of a pear. It has green skin with a red blush and is very sweet and juicy, making it a healthy and delicious snack. The fruit is ready to harvest from late-summer to early-autumn. While it is partially self-fertile, it produces better crops when planted with another pear cultivar. Pyrus x bretschneideri ‘Reddy Robin’ also features white blossoms in the spring and yellow and orange autumn leaves, making it a beautiful addition to any garden. Pyrus x bretschneideri is a hybrid between Pyrus pyrifolia and Pyrus betulifolia. Pyrus x bretschneideri is deciduous and native to China. Learn more about Pyrus x bretschneideri. Pyrus x bretschneideri ‘Reddy Robin’ was developed before 2010 by the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research (PVR 30814).

Common Name(s): Nashi Pear, Papple

Synonym(s): Pyrus bretschneideri ‘Reddy Robin’, Pyrus x bretschneideri ‘PremP109’, Pyrus pyrifolia 'Reddy Robin"


The reddy robin is available below


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Reddy’s Robin is currently in bloom at home.


Reddy Robin is growing good. I’m cautiously optimistic.

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Any fireblight strikes?

Reddy Robin is looking good.


Fruit tree focuses on the fruit taste not how the leafs look. So, would you please post comments after you taste the fruits

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Grafted it this year myself. Has anyone on the forum tasted it?

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It tastes like some Chinese white pear varieties. The flavor is pretty mild with a little acidity.

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Reddy’s Robin in my garden today