Refractometer Suggestions

What brand do you use and how much did you pay for it? More importantly, what do you suggest? :smile:

My answer will not be terribly useful, but I have a fisher scientific that I bought last Thursday at a yard sale. $7.50

The man I bought it from used it for grapes/winemaking.


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This is the one I use. I like it because it has both brix and specific gravity scales. That way I can use it for fruit and for beer/wine if I need to.

I’m a fan of the Atago products.

Too pricey for me :disappointed:

I bought this one at the suggestion of FruitNut when I was on GW back in Dec. 2014 for $22.50 and have been happy with it.
Amazon Refractometer

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I have that one.

Me too! It has work well for me.

Yep, that’s the one I got too.

I truth is most of those amazon refractometers with the AOC label on them are identical. They all come with the same plastic carrying case and pipette. The only real difference is the scale. Some are geared toward fruit, some toward alcohol, and some with duel scales.

Yes that’s correct. They are all manufactured in China so if you want to save 15$ you can just buy it there for half the price (30 on Amazon vs. 15+ in China)
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I have a Misco electronic refractometer (there’s a picture in the Flavorella thread). It’s super easy to use, doesn’t require special calibration fluid, and adjusts readings based on temperature, for what that’s worth. If I recall correctly, I got it on eBay for less than half of retail.

I used a standard refractometer for years with my saltwater aquariums, and wanted something easy, fast, and accurate… No more fiddling and squinting :slight_smile:

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Got this today and tested it out with Flavor King


Unless you live in Washington State :frowning:

I am surprised, just looked it up online and you are right! We got some severe restrictions in EU as well (it wasn’t like this few years ago) but nothing like this.
There are also other sites where you might try but I have no experience with those

and probably many more…

I know how to get stuff like that from China. I was just taking the opportunity to gripe. Its incredible that you can get things delivered to your door at ridiculous prices. Surely it is subsidized.

I’m one of those people who would prefer not to buy from Amazon. Any recommendations for other sources for BRIX refractometers in the under $30 range that work well for orchard use?

I haven’t looked, but Ali Express likely has the same stuff as Amazon, but that’s basically like buying from China’s version of Amazon (so pick your poison…).

I’m hoping there is an orchard supply company with one. The least expensive I can find in the companies I know cost more than $70. For all I know it could be made in China, too.

I got mine here a few years ago but looks like they don’t have the same one anymore and this seems more expensive, but if you want to avoid Amazon then I’d say look at homebrew/winemaking shops:

And yes they probably are all made in China.

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