Roeding #3 caprifig (male fig)

Yesterday I received a few cuttings of Roeding #3 from USDA Davis. I’d ordered these to graft over an unnumbered Roeding in my caprifig collection. I used a $25 grafting tool that I’d also ordered for the occasion. I will also attempt to root the remaining cutting.

Here’s a few photos: first the label, then the unfinished first graft, then both of the grafts wrapped with parafilm and Scotch brand binding tape.


Right on! Do you also grow Stanford caprifig? I understand those 2 were the premier caprifigs.

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Yes, Stanford Caprifig is in our repository. Historically it was a reliable source of pollen for Smyrna groves in California. There is also a Smyrna named Stanford from that era.


I’m hoping one of my seedlings is a caprifig so I can experiment pollinating figs. Pollen parent to the seedlings is
UCR 271-1 If I don’t get one I may buy one. I’m in no hurry I have a few projects I’m working on at the moment.

I just started to root one of each caprifig cutting variety I received from @Richard. The rest will be grafted when the weather gets nicer here.

Roeding #3 is one I’d love to get at some point as it appears to be earlier than the other Roeding numbered caprifigs.

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