Rootstock for Peach in places where It rain a lot

Where i live, in Galicia, Spain…we grafted on Wild Peach, but our trees are always sick, the leaves are Rolling. What kind of rootstock must i try?..lot of thanks

Adara and Monrepos are good roots for some peaches in Spain. Adara (Puente) Plum - Fruit tree, rootstock & interstem you should be able to find this in your country.

In Ohio, we average about 8 to 10 cm of rain every month and have mostly silt loam soil which is somewhat poorly drained. The first peach trees I planted on mostly flat ground (3-5% slope) all died in two years from soggy soil. Then I rotary-plowed a raised berm about 1.5 m wide and about 20 to 30 cm high. The plowing/tilling created a shallow trench that runs the length of the berm on each side which gets soggy, but the berm itself is high and drains well. The trees planted on the berm have been doing good for several years, but I should have made it wider. Also, after a heavy rainfall the roots probably soak up too much water from the trench that runs along the berm and may cause the fruit to crack. This has been a minor problem but the berm is mostly a success. However, for my latest round of peach trees, I have brought in about a cubic meter of topsoil for each tree and created a large raised mound on top of the existing flat ground. This seems to work best. Marianna GF8-1 might work for some peaches but not all and might be more tolerant of somewhat soggy conditions. I’m not sure if it is available in Europe, but I think Krymsk 1(VVA) is. I have grafted peach onto it and they are growing in their second year but I can’t speak of its long term success with peaches. It is doing good with plums on my site and is supposed to tolerate wet soil. I have read reports that it works with some peach varieties but not all.

I planted my peach trees on an elevated level above the rest of the slope of the ground. That keeps the roots a little higher than the rest of my mostly clay soil. So far it has worked. I have have great crops of peaches the last two years. My one Redhaven has not produced many peaches last year but the tree looks fine. We get a LOT of heavy rains during the spring and at times during the summer as well.