Sams Club 22" planter deal

I know this is somewhat off topic and not your normal type of post here but I wanted to pass along a pretty decent deal I came across today.

Was in Sam’s Club and noticed a display of 22" planter pots that were selling for $9.51 instead of the normal $25. I’m not going to pretend they are super high end Terra cotta pots but at the same time they are not the thin wall plastic stuff you see at Lowes all the time. The label mentioned something about 40% limestone. They are not heavy like Terra cotta but have enough weigh that once it’s full of soil should remain quite stable. I picked up a couple to try them out. Not sure what it equates to in gallons but for a little over $9 they seem like quite a bargain and are pretty attractive. Drill some extra holes on the bottom and it should make a decent fig planter. Not sure if this is all Sam’s Club or just mine.

Nice planter especially for that price. Light color would be good for cooler roots too.