Scion Labels - How to Make?

Hi All,
We at MidFEx in Chicagoland have grafting workshops with many members and hundreds of scions every spring. We are wondering what material and adhesive to use for scion labels.
Sheet labels that we have used, when they get wet, just come off. Especially when a label is folded back on itself around a scion, and is wet. We would like to stay with sheet labels because we can have a printer onsite and they are inexpensive.
Has anyone licked this problem?
Thank You
Patrick Driscoll

Try covering the label in urethane before you apply it.

Sounds like you just need to find a different label. What about this weatherproof label?

Painters Tape/Sharpie


Guys this is a fruit growing club of hundreds of members. Each walks in with a couple handfuls of scions and we have to quickly print labels in order for other members to select what they need. Hundreds and hundreds of scions. They are often wet and dirty. Mathew, we tried Avery Weatherproof but they don’t stick to themselves when wet and folded around a scion.
Any other ideas? We like printing sheet labels w a laser printer on demand.

Patrick, it occurs to me that even though the Avery Weatherproof don’t stick to themselves when wet they should stick to a piece of paper- so wrap them around the scions and stick each end to the same scrap of strong paper? Perhaps you could add a simple staple for insurance.

A local grocery uses a twist tie that is wide enough to write on. Now I know you don’t want to write on the twist ties by hand, but they are big enough so that you could stick a printed label to them once they were wrapped around the scions.

Or maybe you could drop each discreet bundle into a sandwich bag (the cheap kind, not ziplocks necessarily) and stick the label on the bag?

What about the type of PLU labels they use on produce they don’t come off and they are readable no matter what you do to them. Maybe someone on here will be familiar with where to get those type of labels.

Clark, the PLU label idea is brilliant- but it appears to me that they’re all preprinted in manufacture. I suspect you’d have to order zillions.

But meat departments or delis might have a decent blank label that sticks to moist wrapping film … might be worth the experiment if you local meat merchant is eager to please.

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Here is another option used for nursery flower pots ULINE - Shipping Boxes, Shipping Supplies, Packaging Materials, Packing Supplies . Like you said @marknmt weatherproof labels are an excellent idea.

at $89.00/ 8000- about $0.011 each. Pretty affordable if they work.

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wow that sounds good guys…I will call Uline and see if they have a sample sheet… it may work better than Avery Weatherproof
Thanks again
will keep u all posted


Have to look into PLU labels A well. I sent a note to HOS to see what they use in their club.

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When I go to scion exchanges I use fresh masking tape around each bunch of scionwood. I know that holds for a long time even though the writing (ink) will sometimes blur from the moisture in the plastic bag I store them in.

Why don’t you wrap with masking tape and then put a label on the masking tape. The masking tape will stick to itself and while it’s still dry the label will stick to the tape.

Now we have tried Avery Weatherproof as well as Uline Weather Resistant…none of these have an adhesive that works with moisture.

What about something from this company. They are horticultural suppliers, so maybe they get it…

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It could be done thus: Place each single scion into a snack-size bag, put the label on the bag

As opposed to placing the label on the single scion itself and bunching them together in a bag

Would take hell of a lot of bags, of course

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Ok will contact…thank you.

Hi All
Ok, we tried lots of sheet fed printable label materials on wet cold scions with the following results:
Horticultural Marketing & Printing Poly OSQPPS, the first and best material/adhesive (thanks to Home Orchard Society member Levers 101)
Avey GHS Chemical - the second best material/adhesive (thanks Tim of MidFex)
Avery Weatherproof - tested crap
U Line Weather Resistant - tested crap
Now we have to find a label size in die cut sheets which will work, like 1/2" x 2".


Testing these, two sided. So far looks like a possibility.


Those impresso tags are nice. That’s what I used to mark my trees with labels An untagged pear wound up being Ayers - Been wanting that variety - #8 by rayrose