Scion wood suppliers

Who is a good scion wood distributor for plums and prunus trees.I am seeing Fruit Ridge Cummins and Red Fern farm.

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Fruitwood Nursery also has a pretty extensive list…though some appear to be sports so info isn’t easy to find for zone compatibility.


Check this thread out:


Makes sense. This is a significant part of evolution I’d say.

For those selling sports that aren’t marketed by universities, states, or growers, it’s hard to find any info to know if it’s work buying scionwood for though.

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Here’s a list of fruit tree sports I found on the fruitwood site, plus links to information for all but one – which is probably not worth growing anyway. The remainder are apples. If you are concerned about chill hours, don’t be – that misinformation was corrected about 20 years ago.

Salvo Bradford Pear.
Richared Delicious Apple.
Mendocino Cox Pippin Apple.
Olga Red Gravenstein Apple.
Royal Gala Apple.
Queen Cox Apple.



You are referring only to apples aren’t you about chill hours? I’d love to read up about it if you have a resource.

Being a relative newbie to fruit tree growing, all I can go by is what I see quoted by all the sellers, which is chill hours.

I recall there are a number of plums on Fruitwood’s site that I can’t find anywhere online except there, so I think they are local finds/sports.

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Well, that’s part of the hobby too. I grafted a “Godfrey Ranch” thing I got from Fruitwood Nursery. No idea if it’s any good.

I’m a big proponent of getting the reliable, tasty variety for your area. But after that, why not play around? Within reason. No point in growing something that doesn’t have a chance.


I would agree with you except almost no one grows much around here as far as stone and pome fruit

The state publishes a list for my area but it’s very small. I know there are many more options now with so many amateur and professional breeders.

It’s still fun. If I can get a few trees simply not dying and giving some fruit, I will be happy to play with others through grafting.

BTW love your forum name. I’ve got some Hopi rings and a Hopi kachina. Somewhere I also have a book about the history / origin of Kokopelli…and apparently that’s not a flute he’s playing…

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