Scott's apple variety experiences through 2018

I had it a long time ago but it got fireblight and I didn’t replant until recently. I got my first fruit a few weeks ago in fact, the flavor was surprisingly rich and interesting. But it seemed highly prone to rot which is in general a big problem for me.

I should probably update the above report at the end of this year as I am getting several new varieties fruiting, and more experience with some others. This year Ashmeads Kernel has been fantastic, it never was so good before but I don’t think I got them at peak ripeness. Also King Russet, a russet version of Reine des Reinettes, is awesome. etc etc


many thanks - I have a Hoople’s coming in the spring based on your recs, so you probably don’t hear it often enough, but thanks for everything

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I have a Reine des Reinette growing and I actually have two apples on it this year. I am looking forward to tasting them. I did not know there was a russet version of it. Interesting.
My Ashmead’s Kernel has some apples this year. A lot of apples actually. Another apple I am looking forward to taste for the first time. I grabbed one that had fallen off and it was really good.



Did you ever try McIntosh or Macoun? I don’t recall seeing those mentioned and again, apologies if you have and I missed it.


Amazing list n info. Thanks for taking time to create and post this!
I’ve been trying to get goldrush and gold nugget for years now, without luck, but hearing your feedback makes me want to try even harder this winter!

I am pretty sure McIntosh would not work, it has a type of skin that is far too prone to rots in warm humid climates. Akane and Worcester Pearmain are two with similar skin type and they both were big rotters in my orchard. Plus other obscure ones like Belle Fleur Rouge, Pomme Raisin, Rambour d’Automne … all skin like Mcintosh, all busts for me. So I never even bothered to try. Macoun is also part McIntosh so I passed on it.

Someone here should have them this winter I would guess, or ask me if you can’t find them.

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