Sea Buckthorn products


I am excited to drink this.

Conserving valuable resources for late season plants

i have 4 bushes im anxious for to start fruiting! supposedly the juice is 10xs more nutritious than oj. were did you get the bottled juice?


Biebronka Lindin NJ


My 5 year old Seaberry had 2 berries 3 yrs ago and no flowers since then. They get 6 hrs of sun. Maybe that’s not enough.


Its not enough sun. Seaberrys from what I read are so intolerant of shade. Even lower branches shaded by upper branch die.


I have not tried that brand. From my experience the storebought juices were not as well filtered as my home-made juice.

I found 2 parts juice to 5 parts water and sweetened to taste made a very flavorful drink.

danzeb: We are assuming you have both male and female plants. Plants sold as seedlings may be non-productive.


I love fresh sea buckthorn juice but most of the bottled stuff is disgusting.


I have Titan Seaberry and also a male. I’ll give them one more year but with only 6 hrs of sun and many cloudy days there might not be enough light energy.


If your a serious sea berry lover and planting an orchard I would highly recommend spending the $2-$3 each wholesale
If you have plant material graft them over to all female. I’ve tried 100 of them and they all died here in my Kansas soil. I would try again but I suspect they don’t like the alkalinity of the dirt so it’s likely I’m wasting my time.


what do you mean all female? i have a female hergo and a male from one green world

mine look okay from what i’ve seen, im always impressed when i see a plant with a high fruit to leaf ratio

mine are on their first year and i am going to try some holly tone on them to see if they like it i will report back


Many seedlings are males so I would graft most of the bushes over to female leaving very little male branches. There was a similar discussion recently about persimmons. A disproportionate amount of persimmon seedlings are males. I graft female branches on male mulberry frequently so most of my trees produce fruit and less allergens.


oh i see what you mean interesting point


more likely your zone. they like it very cold. i have 2 growing in my yard and 2 growing on a exposed hillside with thin gravely soil. they were planted at the same time. i watered the ones in the yard and mulched well. the ones on the hill are doing just as good with no care as the ones i gave more care too. these plants like harsh conditions. i also planted their US cousins , the buffalo berry up there this year. with no watering in our so far dry spring/ summer and all 5 survived!


I’m able to grow Buffalo berry in this climate. I suspect your right about climate because they hung on for years but never grew and eventually died. Plants I got from Gene Redlin at Byron’s looked fantastic when I got them so it was not plants. I think they do grow them in India so I figured they were ok with the heat.


india? really?


Yes I was surprised.could be a different variety of sea berry that is more heat tolerant.


I grew them for many years here in the California central valley and never had any problem with heat at all. Heat is not usually a problem for sea buckthorn.


did they produce at warmer temps?


Seaberry blooms are somewhat early and inconspicuous.

danzeb, how would you describe your seaberry male and female blooms?


Mine never produced because I did not have enough winter chill. I eventually took them out.