Sealing Scionwood

I have been reading about how to prepare scionwood for storage.
One comment I have seen occasionally is to seal the cut ends.
I know this is more work so many people will not want to make the effort but I collected my scionwood early - mostly because I was given the opportunity and I have the sealant so a quick dip might be worth the effort to control moisture loss.

Has anyone done this before? Opinions?

I seal the ends of my scions with 100% beeswax. I find I don’t have to worry about moisture levels nearly as much while in storage. There are other recipes for sealing cut ends, and even entire scions, but I go with cut ends only.

For what it takes me in time and $, I will continue to seal the ends, I find it to be a worth while endeavor.


Say you’re taking scions Feb. 15 and grafting in March, I don’t see a need to seal or wax. But it helps in longer term storage. Keeping it cool and from drying out is the object, so sealing can certainly be beneficial.

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I collected fig cuttings in early December.

I did not have any kind of store bought sealer at first… but had some ordered.

The first batch I collected… I dipped the cut ends in coconut oil. It hardens once it cools off a bit… is anti bacterial fungal viral…

Looked like it worked well.

The rest I collected I used tree kote… which is black… looked good to me. Had a little brush applicator… easy to use.