Searching for Miller's Nursery catalog from 1990's?

Does anyone have an old Miller’s Nursery catalog from 1990’s I could purchase from you? Or can you tell me some heirloom apple varieties that Miller’s sold in the 90’s?

Friends bought 25 apple trees, mostly heirlooms, from Miller’s Nursery NY around 1998 but they have lost the ID tags on all of them. I really want to ID the trees to see which ones are getting fireblight and which ones are not getting blight, because many are growing disease free, unsprayed here in Fireblight Central!

Seeing what trees MIller sold in 1990’s will narrow down the ID job.

Miller has since merged with Stark and I can’t find any Miller catalog online.

I don’t have any old catalogs, but it looks like the Smithsonian maintains quite a collection and is about and hour away from you. If all else fails, maybe you can make an appointment for when you plan to be in Washington to see the collection?

This doesn’t help you any, but I ran into this and thought it was interesting. Cornell also has a large collection, started by LH Bailey in 1888 and maintained by his daughter for 70+ years until her death in 1983. LH Bailey was pretty busy in that time- after becoming a bigwig at Cornell, he quit, traveled the world for 20+ years collecting 140,000 plants, which he then donated to Cornell and started a new department.

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Have you considered asking Stark?


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1988 will get you pretty close

Nursery Catalogs in the Victory Horticultural Library you may have to dig a little more in their archive to access it. You can contact them at for additional information.

Clark- Thanks for link. Do you know how to access a catalog on that site? I see they have some Miller’s catalogs but they are not clickable. Can’t tell how the site works.

I’m not sure Hambone some are readable in the Library by clicking this link Victory Horticulture Reference Library Policy Page - and then clicking catalog pages which are accessible and others are not there so I would email them and let them know what you are looking for.

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Thanks Everybody.

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Update: Success! @BobVance’s Smithsonian link lead me eventually to New York Botanic Garden whose librarian was exceptionally helpful and sent me the apple catalog pages in one day! Now begins the process of using Miller’s Nursery catalog to identify some 25 to 30 apple trees. Some clues will be pretty obvious as I already see at least four of the heirloom varieties that are fireblight magnets, should be easy to spot, if they’re even still alive. And there’s one apple in the orchard that has yet to bear in ten years- almost surely Spi-Gold or Northern Spy. This will be fun.

Thanks all for your help!