Second blooms

I’m getting a lot of new blooms on my pear trees and am concerned it could damage next years crop. What do you think? The fruit is forming though it has no chance of ripening.

pinch them out

My trees used to do this all the time. I never noticed impacting my crop the next year. I second the notion to pinch the blooms that you can it will just help prevent an outbreak of fireblight.

Agreed. Pinch off the rogue bloom. It will not produce mature fruit. This helps prevent fireblight bacterium from spreading in late summer/ fall.

I may need a bloom reducing spray if there is one because there are hundreds or thousands of blooms.

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a pressure washer, with a steady hand?

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Related question. What causes this off season blooming when trees are in an area with sufficient chill hours like I’m assuming CK has in zone 5?

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I think that’s an excellent question and perhaps Tony, Alan , Scott, or Fruitnut etc may have an answer for us. Found myself wondering about that same thing many times. What I suspect causes it is some type of unusual weather. The same reason why many of my varieties of seedless grapes have seeds. The fruit ripening times are very different this year as well. I have fruit ripening before fruit that it normally ripens after. Aronia’s are ripening before Concord grapes this year.