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Great story. Makes me want to plant corn!


There is orange watermelon too. I believe Ross Raddi has show cased it. Though it does not taste any different from what I have heard. There is some really pretty corn like glass corn.


Here is a very sad but inspirational story about a woman trying to restore peaches from a Navajo reservation in New Mexico.

"When the Navajo refused to leave, General James H. Carleton ordered Colonel Christopher “Kit” Carson to slaughter their livestock, massacre any resistors, and burn their crops, notably their thousands of peach trees. One American troop, under the command of Captain John Thompson, claimed to have destroyed more than 3,000 peach trees. Thompson himself reported how his men, in a single day, cut down what he called 500 “of the best peach trees I have ever seen in the country, every one of them bearing fruit.”


Marknmt about ancient crops recently was reading about old potatoes
Solanum jamesii

Not certain why I was but saw seeds for Solanum wild species a while back as well.
(maybe not this potato though)

Old Wheat

(from this post)

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