Seedless Nordmann Kumquat


First harvest for the season – about 9 oz. of 1" to 2" fruits.


We’ve finished eating the first crop – probably 100 fruits in all. Absolutely delicious.

And now … a second crop is coming!


I’d never had kumquats until a recent visit to my local citrus nursery. Really enjoyed them. This is definitely a tree I want to add to my collection.


Get the Nordmann Seedless. It’s a real treat.


Good to know. I believe the one I had was seedless. The trees I got them off of were much larger than the one you have.assuming the nordmann is a dwarf variety?


This is a young plant that I obtained just a few years ago by mail order from Four Winds Growers.


IMHO nordman is very low on flavor. I have one 4 years old. Probably will
topwork to something better. I paid $$ for the budwood. Oh well!


Seedless or standard?


Richard, do you have any thoughts on use of Leverage vs Movento for citrus leaf miner? I am considering trying Movento as it is on label for both leaf miner in citrus, and SWD in stonefruit, and blueberries.



Timing is everything with Citrus Leafminer. I have not tried Movento and would be interested in its performance. Is it labeled for ACP?


My Kumqat leaves are slightly yellow in winter similar to yours, @Richard . I was initially worried about this. Is this a deficiency, or “normal” coloring?


In the photo above there is yellow fruit and also some yellow leaves visible in the bottom left. in my experience it is normal for up to 5% of Citrus leaves to have some sort of blemish. If more than that it can be due to a number of things.


No, it is not listed for ACP, and upon further investigation it seems to only have a fair rating on controlling SWD on stone fruit. I am not too concerned about ACP here, at least not yet as I live about 150 miles from Houston which the nearest reported sighting / HLB quarantine area, and about 200 miles from the main Louisiana citrus growing area where ACP has also been spotted as of last year…


@Isaac-1 – it turns out that Leverage 360 has additional labels for controlling SWD on various crops. See the links on the bottom half of this page:


Nordman is seedless nagami


I’d agree that the true Nordmann is Seedless Nagami, but unfortunately there are misnomer seeded Nordmann in circulation.


Today’s harvest … plus more on the way :slightly_smiling_face:


Sweet and sour, I loved them !!


The little Kumquat that could!


My Nagami is in the same state of mass bloom. Just started this week.