Seedless Nordmann Kumquat


Two years ago I planted this Seedless Nordmann Kumquat from Four Winds Growers. :slight_smile: We arrived home last night from our 3 weeks of honeymoons and today found lots of weeds in our yard but also the kumquat in full bloom!! :smile:


My nagami is in bloom as well. First year in ground --


that's a happy Kumquat..ground looks really dry, did you have it on any supplemental irrigation while you were gone?


I watered it deeply on the Wednesday and Sunday before I left and then again 9 days later. It seems to be a happy camper.


The crop is coming right along. :slight_smile:


My Nagami is just barely starting to color up -- yours are further along. Your December in Vista must be that much warmer than Valley Center. You notice any leafminer attacks on your Kumquat? Compared to adjacent tangerine, lime and tangelo trees -- mine seems mostly resistant.


Some of my new leaves have been damaged by baby snails. Cursing myself for not putting Sluggo down immediately after the rain.

The leafminers seem to prefer my Gold Nugget Mandarin.


If you apply sluggo plus bait you get some additional leafminer protection b/c the plus = spinosad. Supposedly the spinosad does get absorbed by the plant.


I use Bayer's Leverage to control both Leafminer and ACP.


Getting closer!


Today we harvested all the fruit -- a net 3 pounds :slight_smile:


nice harvest…I love eating them fresh off the tree. do you do anything special with yours?




never been a huge marmalade fan. maybe I’d like it better with kumquats.


Kumquats for Christmas!


How does the seedless compare to the Nordmann for flavor? Is it worth having both? Does one have a less bitter skin?


In my opinion, neither skin is bitter. However, the bitter fruit and seeds in standard Nordmann are a distraction from taste in comparison to the seedless. The Seedless Nordmann is self-fruitful and thus I encourage folks to replace (or graft over) standard kumquats with the former.


I’ve had seeded kumquats only twice before, both had seeds but one the rind tasted good enough to eat while, the other was too bitter that I couldn’t eat the skin. So I’m not sure which variety to buy, wouldn’t mind a couple different ones.

Outside of the seeds and such, do the Nordman and the Seedless Nordman otherwise taste identical?


I’m pretty sure I answered that question in my previous post:


lol I was confused because you said neither was bitter, then said the bitterness of Nordmann was distracting from the taste. :slight_smile: