Seeds in blackberries

I have all types of fruit but have never grown blackberries am scared of the seeds is there one that has no seeds?

Why are you scared of seeds?

I haven’t noticed seeds in my blackberries. The black raspberries do have seeds that some find objectionable. I just choose to not bit down hard on them. But if you haven’t tried blackberries I don’t think you’ll need be concerned about seeds.

So i assume you won’t eat raspberries either? I never heard of or seen blackberries without seeds. Raspberry seeds are known to have anti-cancer properties.

Maybe has diverticulitis.

My wife has a mild case, and it’s nuts that is a problem for her. I asked her what’s worse as far as seeds, raspberries or blackberries? She said blackberries. I don’t eat a lot of blackberries, i save most for jam. I’m not that big on fresh fruit in general. i do eat it, because I should, i don’t enjoy it that much. I prefer cooked fruit. Scones, jam, pies, fruit bars, fruit leather, dried fruit, etc. I don’t buy any of that, I make it myself. I never buy it.

I don’t cook anything. It’s best and healthiest just as Mother nature made it.

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I agree and make myself eat some raw. I just do not enjoy it that much. Some exceptions like cherries. I do like them fresh. And pomegranates too, but both have a short window of ripeness. I have been eating raspberries fresh frozen all winter.Usually with oatmeal in the morning. Blueberries, raspberries, almonds and oatmeal. I have high blood pressure and I’m trying to organically go off my medication. Blueberries and nuts eaten daily have been shown to reduce blood pressure. I have managed to decrease my dosage of meds, but not eliminate them yet. It’s hereditary as both my kids have high blood pressure too. My daughter is a Zumba instructor, and the heavy exercise is enough to eliminate any medication. My son though is on meds too. I’m not complaining, my family is long lived, most of the men in my family live well into the 90’s. My dad only lived to 86, he though was a POW in WWII for 3 years, 4 months, He was in Japan, a survivor of the Baaton Death March. During that time he lost his teeth to malnutrition, had berry berry, scurvy, a tape worm, and malaria. It shortened his life I believe. He was one tough guy, went on to fight in Korea too. Came home and married my mother. Got a job at Fords after 23 years in the military. Passed in 2003, my mom passed in 1986. I miss them a lot.

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It must just be the wild variety of blackberries that grow here. They are full of seeds ten times the size of raspberries! I made a pie once from blackberry and couldn’t eat it. None of us did. I threw it out. We have made great jelly by removing the seeds. Our raspberry seeds are soft and I really don’t notice them. The blackberries are hard and hurt my teeth if I bite down on them. It must be a because they are wild and not bread for consumption.