Selling Fruit Trees on Etsy

Anybody here selling fruit/nut trees or cuttings on Etsy?

Wondering if it may be a good side hustle especially in a year where the weather kills all your fruit.


Ive bought alot on Etsy and Ebay…usually the same guys hustling both sites. Both have cuttings and rooted plants that arent sold anywhere else.

Alot of propagators doing well with side hustles on there.

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I tried Etsy for a bit. They basically charge four different fees for every transaction and list them as separate line items with limited description. It is a bit of a pain in terms of record keeping.

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I have sold cuttings and seeds on Etsy, and I agree with the confusing fee structure. I think Ebay charges less overall per transaction (after you add up all the fees on Etsy), but the webstore structure on Etsy is a little nicer than what you get on Ebay.


Figbid is another option to sell on. no idea on their fees, as i have only ever bought from there, never sold.

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The fee structure on FigBid is simpler. There’s just a listing fee (variable depending on the options you choose) and then a commission fee when an item sells. I guess there is a third fee indirectly in that people pay using PayPal and PayPal charges a fee too.

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I’m just throwing it out there - you can make a free website at webnode as long as you don’t use their checkout page. You would have to list your PayPal account or address for mailing payment but it’s one way to do it as long as your customer base can find the website… I have my pawpaw website (for information only) set up on their platform.

It may be more work for you but fees would be less.

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What about Facebook Marketplace, or…? Maybe just create a Facebook page/blog sort of thing and connect with people like that? I set up a Red Raven Movie Records page, for example, and people were always asking to buy records, players, and magic mirriors on the page. Just make an apple growers group of some sort, and attract people to it by posting information constantly??? Just a thought.

It is very easy to sell on FB marketplace as well as Craigslist, particularly if you are in a more populated area. Last year I started a bunch of elderberry cuttings and some extra fig cuttings and they all sold. Elderberry mania seems in full swing and I probably sold 30 plants, offering them at $15/one or $10/each if someone buys two or more. Figs I sold for $20 each, but they were just the basic varieties. I don’t really have any interest in shipping stuff, but if you have more extras than you want, or have a bunch of cuttings of something, I suggest giving it a whirl. People are generally very appreciative to be able to get something out of the ordinary compared to what the local nurseries offer.