Shenandoah pawpaws getting close to harvest time

I will be squeezing these pawpaws gently in the next few weeks. If they give a little then time to harvest.



I’m fascinated, Tony!


I only saw pawpaw in pictures, never eaten one or seen one in supermarket. But these pawpaws do look fresh

Paw paw reminds me so much of mangoes, green mangoes. With a quick look, I thought they were mangoes.

My two paw paw trees/sticks are about foot tall. I’ll be in my retirement before my trees will fruit.

I don’t think they have come up with a way to preserve them well for commercial use. You may see some in high end restaurants as a dessert. You may find some at a farmer’s market. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in a grocery store.


The only pawpaw I think capable of handling shipping and storage well due thicker texture like an avacado is the Petersen’s Susquehanna. Hopefully, more research and crosses will bring this large, tasty and nutritious fruit to the market.


It will be interesting to see how mine do in the long run. A few of the root pruned trees I started in Oct under light got a second wind and are actively growing. Most are surviving but I would not say are flourishing. A few are struggling. Some of the ones I started this spring are catching up to some of the smaller ones that I started in Oct.

I’m intentionally not upsizing the containers on the larger ones this summer. I would need too much space to overwinter them. I plan to upsize them to 3 gal RB2s next spring when I take them back outdoors. For the winter, I plan to keep them in a cool room. I’ll close it off and use a window to keep the temperature above freezing but fellow 50 degrees for the winter.

My purpose with these trees is not to maximize growth but to give them 2 years protected from direct sun before planting them in the field.

Festivals coming up all across the eastern US…

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Any of those gorgeous paw-paw ripped yet?


I am out of town on a Business this week. Hopefully. some will be ripen soon. I am looking toward to some of that sweet, creamy, and fragrance fruits with vanilla ice cream.


Those pawpaws look awesome. I’ve got a shenandoah and a susquehanna planted last year now only 2 ft tall but seem healthy.

I got my first taste of pawpaw today from a seedling tree in the area (not my trees) and I was impressed. The flavor was great and very similar to custard apple although not quite as off-the-chain sweet. I’m now even more impatient for my trees to grow better and produce.

Mine barely grew at all the first year in the ground. Then this year they increased in height by about 30% and trunk area probably increased more than that. But still overall slow growth and small trees. I water 2X per week on sandy soil and have them mulched heavily for this AL heat. One of the weekly waterings consists of 5 gal water per tree mixed with Miracle grow at 1/2 strength. Any suggestions for pushing more growth would be much appreciated.

Can’t wait to get the final report on those shenandoahs from Tony.

My potted ones grow faster than ones in the ground.Maybe it’s the looser makeup of the media in the containers and the ability to get warmer quicker.As time goes on,I plan to get them all out of their pots.
Your care and maintenance seems good to me. Brady.

Here it is. First ripe Shenandoah here in Omaha on September 3, 2015. Large, sweet, creamy firm avocado texture with no bitterness or aftertaste. A plus!! Very productive with hand pollination with a small paint brush. A definate keeper.


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My jaw just dropped, Tony!


PM me.



Congrats. Shenandoah is a good one.

Glad to here. I have yhis variety and a mango one. I can tell you what I think about their taste in about what, 8 years?

That is a beaut, bet it tasted great! Are you saving seeds?


I’m surprised your pawpaws are already ripening, mine still had a ways to go last I checked.

A huge oak fell on one of my trees a few weeks ago, it was all loaded with fruit but it didn’t quite have time to ripen :frowning: