Shinseiki Pear


It is hard to say because location and climate affect quality of fruit. That said, in my experience, Korean Giant (aka Olympic), Shinseki and Hosui taste better and sweeter than nijisseiki (aka 20th Cenury pear.)


Thank you very much! You help me a lot! :wink:


I’ve Korean Giant and Nijisseiki for almost 10 years, Hosui at least 5 years and Shinseilki for 2.

You need to thin pears out a lot when they are very young. Take out 70-80% of the fruit will give you good quality pears both in taste and size.


Yes, a bit like apples and pears… i don’t have much varieties available here, just nijiseiki, shinseiki and hosui…


Now i saw this varieties in one nursery… what’s the two best ones?

Nashi Chojuro

Nashi Chojuro

Nashi Early Shu

Nashi Early Shu

Nashi Hosui

Nashi Hosui

Nashi Kosui

Nashi Kosui

Nashi Nijisseiki

Nashi Nijisseiki

Nashi Shinseiki

Nashi Shinseiki


I liked one early ripening like Shinseiki and one good one mid season like Chojuro.



Of all the pics you showed, I don’t have Chojuro or Early Shu. I have the rest.

I don’t think the pic of Hosui is correct. Hosui has russet skin (brown skin). The Hosui pear in the pic you posted does not look like Hosui at all.

To me, Hosui and Kosui are similar but I prefer Hosui.

I don’t know your climate. You may want to find out if fire blight is an issue in your area.


Hi! So hosui it’s not a good one? I never see fire blight here…


Hosui is a good pear. The pic you posted was not Hosui.


Ok then. The pic i post is from the nursery… i’m thinking to get one shinseiki and one hosui. The chojuro it’s not available but in the future maby i buy one too…


Hi! I choose to have one chojuro, two nijiseiki and one shinseiki. Thank you for all the advice! :sweat_smile:


I would not want 2 nijisseiki. The fruit is small, smaller than Shinseiki and it is not as sweet as Shinseiki. If you want two, you may want 2 Shinseiki or 2 Conjuro.

If were I, I would pick one each of Conjuro, Hosui, Shinseiki and Nijisseiki. Hosui tastes similar to Korean Giant but your don’t have KG for a chioce there.


Thank you for your reply and advices! I already have the two nijiseiki and bought the chojuro today… but if you think hosui is a must to have i can try to get one…


I have not tried Conjuro so I can’t comment on it. I have heard good thing about it. I have Hosui. I like mine. I don’t think you can go wrong with either Hosui or Conjuro. Later on you can graft other varieties on your trees.


Ok then i will get one hosui too… :sweat_smile:


Link with nashi variety description:


Hi! I just found one nursery in Europe that sells the Olympic (Korean Giant) variety. So do you think i should get it too? I’m very exited! :grin:


KG grows very well and produces excellen Asian pear for me. Like I said, I don’t know your climate. However, KG is my number #1 Asian pear in my yard.

KG and Hosui are quite similar (to me). If you have to pick, I’d pick Conjuro and KG and skip Hosui.


Ok, thank you very much! You helped me a lot! :grin:

A lot of rare varieties here:


Hi! I’m sorry for bother you again, but my final choice is 2 nijiseiki+1 shinseiki+1 conjuro+1 olympic+1 niitaka+1 shinsui. What do you think? Best regards, Luis