Shinseiki Pear


No bothering at all. I hope other people with experience with Conjuro, Nitaka and Shinsui. I have never heard of the last two.


I don’t have all the answers but I have grafted Shinseiki to kieffer a couple of years ago and saw no problems yet. Growth has not been fast though no true signs of incompatibility are evident. I think long term an Asian pear grown in South such as Charles Harris might be a better choice but I’ve not tested that on Shinseki Anyone else trying Charles Harris Asian Pear?


Thank you very much! :grin:


I have increased my limbs of KG. It appears to be doing well for me and with a little good weather I should have a good increase of it’s fruit this season. Harrow Sweet and Korean Giant bloom a little later than my others so I think this will help in most years to escape cold snaps. I’m adding three more varieties this year and hope they will bloom with or later than these two.


I think nashi pears will drive me nuts! Now i found another variety and i don’t know if i will buy them all or just some of them… i can choose Arirang, Olympic, and Niitaka… i’m really confused! The ones i already decided or bought are nijiseiki, shinseiki and chojuro. If any one can help me to decide, thank you so much! :sweat:



Do you grow pears for family consumption or to sell them? One Asian pear tree can produce a few hundreds of fruit after thinning. (if you don’t thin, you will have thousands of small pears)

With five trees, in four years, you will have more pears than you know what to do with, Would you consider grafting new varieties to your existing pear trees? Grafting pear is very easy. You can have any variety you want this way.


Hi! Well in fact maby selling to small markets is an option. Here people don’t know asian pears, but there are a big asian comunity… but the first objective is for family consumption. But yes i can have 4 or 5 trees and graft a few more varieties… Thank’s a lot for your thoughts! :smiley:


Hi! I just bought 1 Olympic and 1 Niitaka. Now i have 2 nijiseiki, 1 chojuro, 1 olympic and 1 niitaka. I will buy two more, 1 shinseiki and 1 arirang… i just don’t resist! :star_struck: