Shiranui (Dekopan) Mandarin Graft

Got a small single stick from CCPP today. It is already grafted onto a rootstock. I’ve had zero success in grafting citrus but I am pretty confident of this one. Took every possible precaution possible. I still have a 2 inch stick leftover in case I need to start from scratch again. The bark on the rootstock was definitely slipping so I am hoping for the best.


Congratulations! It looks very nice, I’m sure it’ll become a beautiful tree soon.

Wanting to respond to your post finally made me decide to join this wonderful forum. I, too, received a stick from CCPP. My friend grafted it for me one month ago (I have 0 success rate, period.) :relaxed:
Sorry I don’t know how to rotate pic yet, baby steps. The red cardboard in the background is to show contrast.

Looks good. Is it also a Shiranui?

Indeed it is a Shiranui, grafted one month ago.

Just to show how fast they grow, here is a Yuzu grafted two months ago.

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Do you guys know what rootstock your successful grafts grew onto? I tried two different citrus trees to graft Shiranui and none of the grafts survived. I was just wondering if it could be incompatibility or just my technique.

How are your grafts doing? Any fruit?