Short Intro


I was invited over by Daniel Chapell, and so here I am. Been into backyard gardening of the crazy kind… growing as much diversity of fruits and vegetables regardless of our zones, pushing the envelopes further, always experimenting and sharing, so most of my experiences shared here might be out of the ordinary… I see familiar names here from other old and even extinct forums. I don’t usually grow fruits that I can get cheaply from organic farmers market, so I tend to grow more of the unusual kinds and thus a member of several rare fruit growers forum. Hope to get to know more most of you.

And yes, with the over abundance of fruits, I can’t afford to waste them, and am tired of jams and jellies so I turn them into fantastic fruit wines, and my garage are now overflowing with fruit wines, and if by chance you’re in our area, stop by to sample some fruit wines for free tasting, just make sure I’m available when you visit.


Joe, welcome. I remember the name and recall reading some good post in past forums. Looking forward to your participation here.

I’m too far away to stop by for a wine tasting. Perhaps we can do it by mail, lol?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wine_glass:


I see you are in 9b. We are like minded. I am borderline 9b in central Florida,


I’m right there too, but never made wine. I bought a book, but maybe down the road I can ask you questions.


Welcome JoeReal, I remember seeing your multigrafted citrus on the old citrus forum. Glad you found your way here!


Glad you found your way here, Joe. I remember you from before too!


Welcome aboard!


Joe is the grafting champ and I look forward to learning from your posts.


Welcome aboard Joe. Are you still bark grafting all your fruit trees?



Am doing z-grafting or whip and tongue mostly as I don’t need to wait for barks to slip.


I also do bark grafting when it comes to persimmons or when the stock is several times larger than the scionwood.


Hello Joe, and welcome. Making fruit wine intrigues me, even though we don’t have a lot yet, but we have planted or will be planting lots of different berry and fruit trees.

Im sure in Cali that you’re able to grow all kinds of different things that I wouldn’t even think of trying. So, we look forward to those reports.



Good to see you here !