Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"


Sao Miguel Roxo. Could’ve hung longer, but still good.


Those Easton Purples/LSU Tigers are beautiful, would do great at a farmers market I’d think.


I really like them, they are very sweet with a white grape flavor when ripened well. Those are on an 8yo container tree, which I hardly prune to limit growth.

I’ve got a half dozen in ground and they are tougher to get fruit from. While they are relatively early ripening, from swell to ripe is easily 2x as long as Etna types, so raccoons usually get them. The skin is thick, they store very well but are also split prone on vigorous trees. And the wood is weak so they should really have some support, the ones in the orchard are half on the ground right now.

p.s. Any idea what is going on with the Negretta leaves shown? It happens mostly on Negretta and Adriatic JH, in ground (to a lesser extent) and containers both.


Woops, I wasn’t following your headers right so I actually was commenting on the negretta fruit. The leaves do look like rust at first glance, anything on the underside?


Nope, and the spots don’t really spread. I was thinking water stress but it showed up on inground trees when the soil was still moist this year. Seems less likely to occur on suckers and vigorous growth, more likely on branched growths.

The inground Negrettas have been the size of grapes so far this year! Even those on the container tree are small. Flavor is similar to Sicilian Red.


My second guess would be something like septoria or black rot, on some plants they show through to the underside but fig leaves are pretty thick.


The spots do show on the undersides, sorry, I thought you were talking about the nodules associated with rust.

I will get some more pics and see if I can dig up more clues, one other thing is it never happens inside the greenhouse, even though I overhead water the stuff in there daily.


Negronne 09-01-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


Jam time!


Dalmatie is ripening its crop in ground for me now —6b/7a Lancaster, PA. This is a large, flavorful fig and I have a lot more starting to swell. I’m surprised it’s ripening this early since it lost most of its branches last winter.


Genovese Nero AF and Valle Negra

Genovese Nero AF 09-04-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland

Valle Negra 09-04-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


I picked this fig today. It was yummy! 4 of us shared it. My 5 year old spit it out! Everybody else thought it was tasty. I have another one turning color and about 10 more very small ones that I’m not sure will ripen before frost. Can’t wait till next year for more fruit.


Noire de Barbentane, my first fig from this tree. The texture and flavor is almost like a Col de Dame. I highly recommend this fig. There are luckily several more that should successfully ripen.

Another finished ripening today (9/8/19). What a great fig this is! The insides are so jammy.


I dream of one day having enough figs to make some jam! Just out of curiosity: do you leave the stems on? This fellow says he always does when making fig preserves—but I thought that sounded kind of odd. I wouldn’t think they would cook down very well—but maybe I’m wrong . . . and it’s just extra fiber.


Most of my ripened figs the skin are so thin and very soft and the stem stayed on the tree as I twisted the figs off.



I have few figs on my Noire de Barbentane rooted cutting and hoping to taste first time if they ripe.


You will like it. The eye is closed and the skin is moderately tough so it resists bugs. It also doesn’t crack in the rain.


I just got a new ceramic Vision Grill and tested out with some fresh grilled figs. Very tasty on top of vanilla ice cream.



How many varieties do you have? They look great I’m a little jealous I have 15 fig trees in ground but most put in this spring only had one breba fig to eat this year. A few have figs on them but mostly tiny.


I have little over 100 varieties and about half I have tasted and half may have to wait for next year because these just rooted.