Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"


You have 100 potted figs you move in/out every year? My wife thinks I’m crazy for having 6 citrus in the garage last winter wait till I tell her about you!


Yesterday I picked some figs from an unknown, ripens early, has a reddish interior. More like a honey fig. I like them. I just snapped a shot of the figs, not the interior. Already dried and stored.


These looking very delicious! I am sure taste very good too.


Yes, I like them, the color is accurate too, I wondered if my camera would capture it, and it did.

I also harvested a bunch of Teramo Unk. which also is very early for me. I don’t have any photos of ripe figs. This one is about 3-4 days away from being ripe.


Here is my granddaughter eating a HC fig, she says they taste like watermelon and strawberry mixed, lol


Unk Pastilliere ripened a fig without pollination (looks like 2 will ripen out of ~50), totally different than the ones I hand pollinated last year, not much berry flavor, tasted just OK.


I have a similar situation second year in a row all figs dropped but just one is holding on. Lets see if it will ripe.


Unknown 09-07-20019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland

Maltese Falcon 09-07-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland

White Madeira # 1 09-08-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


Easton Find 09-09-19 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


RdB, HC and LdA.


I like this one more than I expected. It’s a honey fig with some butterscotch flavor going on. Nice and syrupy. It’s also early and prolific. I’d say it’s a good fig for northern growers to have.


Socorro Black 09-10-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland

Pastiliere 09-10-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


Look what I harvested today 09-11-2019 too many to name individually :smiley:


Olympian 9-13-19, main crop, Zone 6b, Ottawa, Kentucky.

These are from my overwintered in-ground. I guess it’s an EBT, but it’s a mid-season maincropper. Pulp seems a little denser, drier than most figs I’ve tried so far (of course, our very dry weather at present may have had something to do with this) and it has a nice sweetness, though seems sweeter in the finish. Bet it would make a great drying or preserves fig, and it’s good fresh, too. I know this is a very common cultivar, but I think it probably deserves more love than it gets. My young in-ground set a good crop and more are swelling every day. Seems to have real potential as a zone 6/7 workhorse. The overwintered in-ground was actually close behind the potted ones in ripening; got the first of the latter on 9/10.


Just picked these today. Fico Preto, White Madeira # 1, Siblawi, Salem Dark, MBVS and so on.


Adriatic JH Very good and underrated fig. Just make sure you pick at right time.

Adriatic JH 09-17-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


I agree, I think it is one of the best for our area and tastes very different than other good ones like CH.


GM 175 ( Gozo Gem ) 09-13-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


Looks wonderful, Drew. Have more photos of this one?


Those photos are very recent. The figs shown are still not ripe. I will take more when I’m back in town.