Show off your loaves


There’s nothing like fresh baked bread. My bread of choice is sourdough made with Einkorn wheat:




I’m behind the trend, but wanted to try making sourdough starter with yeast from our fruit. My haskap have turned and I thought I could use those so started up one yesterday with 1/4 teff flour and a handful of fresh haskap.
Smells great and is foamy this morning! I can’t wait to try all sorts of things with it.


I’ve been making a loaf a week for years- but only in the winter as it heats up my kitchen a LOT. This is basically the NYT Bittman loaf but with 2x the salt. Usually doesn’t last the day in my house.


Curious as to why you double the salt - is it for flavor, strength or … ?


Flavor. Original recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of salt, but the bread tastes better with 2 or even 3 teaspoons. If anyone is scared of making bread, or has tried and failed, you owe it to yourself to Google the NYT Bittman article for ‘no-knead bread.’ It’s only a slight exaggeration to say it changed my life. I never dreamed I could make bread this great with nearly zero effort and ingredients I already have in my kitchen.


I’ve been making that no knead recipe for a few years. Actually do my sourdough pizza dough the same.


oh wow - neat to see fellow bakers here! Some nice looking loaves up there :+1:
i’ve been baking hearth/artisan breads at home for several years.
I’ve slowed down a lot, but i generally follow the Tartine method and formulae when i do. I use a huge Lodge cast iron camp stove upside down as my dutch oven.
i’ll have to post some pics!


I think this was a basic Tartine Country loaf. Turns out a lot of my pics have been cleaned off my PC by my wife LOL

I like to make croissants too (my wife’s favorite). Harder to do in the summertime.:confused:


Great idea! I recently revived my starter by adding some fruit with yeast blooms.


Some gorgeous bread, folks! Very impressive. I can almost smell those hot loaves!

I committed to the sourdough & ancient grain track a few years ago and never looked back. It was important for me to use natural airborne yeast/bacteria from my locale, and to use pre-hybridized wheat. It’s been a labor of love, as it takes planning and timing to pull off two loaves per week.


I just found the no-knead bread method a few weeks ago and started to have some fun. I also modified the process a bit by doing a few times of stretch and fold in between bulk fermentation and final proofing.

Here’s one baked about two weeks ago, cranberry pecan bread with 50% whole wheat flour.


timely thread…I made a couple of rustic Italian loaves for a potluck dinner we went to this passed weekend. I think it was a food network recipe…It had taken ages before we could finally find bread flour, everyone became a baker when COVID hit…

Anyway, the wife wanted me to buy bread but I said screw it, I’m making it…it had been a while…Never tried the no knead, I’m a stand mixer guy personally…Came out with a nice crispy crust and chewy texture just how I like it…sorry no pics, it didn’t last long…


You guys are torturing me.


The no-knead recipe is best using regular flour. I’ve tried many and cheap, easy to find Gold Medal is perfect. If you like bread you should try it. No need for a mixer or any kneading at all. A couple quick stirs to mix the ingredients and other than proofing it you are done.


Me too… :yum:


A noble goal for sure. I’ve used einkorn a few times. it’s not as strong as modern wheats, it seems, so it’s a little harder to work with. The flavor is excellent - makes me think of honey.


Im going to give it a try but do not have a dutch oven , any recommendations? I will order one from amazon


Yes, Einkorn is much lower carb/gluten and is therefore a little different to work with than modern grains. I don’t get the big bulbous oven rise that modern flour provides. That in combination with the sourdough makes for a nicely digestible loaf. I read that even people with gluten intolerance could eat sourdough Einkorn bread. Sure enough, I found a co-worker who was gluten intolerant and she enjoyed this bread without any stomach trouble. Certainly not scientific or conclusive, but worth noting.


Of all the things I’ve tried, the best seems to be my ceramic crock pot with a glass lid. A very close second is my cast iron dutch oven:

Both are really heavy and I preheat them to 500*.