Show off your loaves


Thank you. It looks dense, tender, and moist.




This whole post about bread, sure want me to start right away. Finding the ingredients going to be an issue. It brings back something I eat regular, fresh bread dunk in a thick Malaga Spanish wine. I love bread!!!


Here our fresh baked French Baguette for our to be Grand opening on Monday 6-22-20.


From looking at all those pictures, I think I will ask my wife to start making her fig preserves and jams again.
Tony, I wish I could be there at opening day, maybe get to see your operation to.


Tony, I must have missed posts about this. Your family is opening a restaurant?!! Congratulations! Your website looks great!!
Your bread looks delicious, nice job.
Best of luck to you! Sorry for all the !!! :joy:

@aap, I haven’t had the Spanish wine you mention, and haven’t dunked bread in wine either. Must be good!! What ingredients are you having trouble finding?


My Bread Choices Certainly not Exotic as most but homemade none the less. Does anything Beat Cowboy Corn bread in an Iron Skillet? Do confess to using the Sourdough Bread receipe right off the Flour Bag. I’m a novice at best in the kitchen but I like having All homemade meals, especially on Weekends when time allows…


Ok Bob,

Just imagining that you are enjoying our Banh mi sandwiches.




That’s a 24 hour drive for me. I’d like the combo and a meatball bahn mi for starters.


Knowing Tony now, he does everything first class. We don’t travel all that much anymore. Have a hard time making it to the east coast where all the children and grandchildren lives.
It will be another success story for him, no doubt. I probably can handle two of each, Bob
I got to read the whole thing over and over to get an insight of bread making. Had shown it to my wife already.


Hey Tony are those going to be on the menu ? I hope they do because they look really good!


We have a weekly rotating special menu and We will try to incorporate all kinds of Vietnamese street foods and see which ones peoples like best and repeat those more often.



Very cool, Tony and super clean, what do you expect from him.


Those look amazing! My wife and I went to Vietnam a few years ago, and have been trying to find somewhere that makes a good banh mi ever since. I might have to try it myself after seeing those.


Stop it @tonyOmahaz5, you are killing me.


Send him some of your hot peppers. I go some of yours seeds last year.
I overwinter the plants , they now have a bunch , ready to pick.


Its a great recipe !