Show us your garden path(s)

Saw a garden path photo on Facebook today that really inspired me. Would love to see some member garden paths.

Here’s one of my rustic paths that winds through the pomegranate section along the side of my lot. I put it in a few years ago. I used a QUIKRETE® Walkmaker form for the cobbles and filled in the gaps with a sand topper mix that I swept and watered in.


Mr. Clint, That is a great looking walk, just what I was looking for to finish my deck. How wide of a path does the form make? Looks easy enough for even me.

You can go as wide as you want, really. Just make multiple rows. The form itself is 2’x2’. I liked that I could buy a couple of sacks of ready mix and build the path a bit at a time. Mixing in color was easy as well.

Looks great, alot better than concrete pavers or stones. Adding your own color is a huge plus also.

I like the pictures from Quikcrete, the guy doing it is in dress shoes and looks like a very nice shirt and slacks. Must be easy.

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Here’s the path that I found inspiring. I would never be able to take the time to do the intricate pebble work:


Sort of related to Mr Clint’s theme of garden paths…

Here’s the approach to my mountain orchard. I concreted these 8 foot-high oak beams into the ground, massing boulders around the base.

Eventually I plan to lash together a nice swing gate made of logs and twigs. I also plan to line the entrance path with stone flag footers.


Can deer just jump in? I love the idea of twig anything! :blush:

Looks cool! My first thought was to string up a bench swing or hammock. Guess it’s just about nappy time…: :sleepy:

The fence is 6 feet high (5 feet high near the edge of a cliff).

A deer could certainly jump it, but so far, it’s kept them out for a full year. The terrain upon landing is uneven, which further deters them.

I have seen a deer jump another orchardist’s 8 foot-high fence to get apples, so I plan to eventually raise the height of my fence by jamming metal poles into the tops of the log posts and then running wire every 2 feet up until a higher height is achieved.

I forgot to mention there are black bear in the area. I plan to install many more log posts around the perimeter to help reinforce the structural integrity of the fence.

Definitely want to keep the deer AND the bears out!

That pebble work is…Wow!

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The gate I plan to build will be a hybrid inspired by the following 2 images, which I pulled from the internet. I do not own these images, and I do not know where these scenes are located. They look beautiful nonetheless.

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Matt, Are you going to try the house too? Looks pretty spiffy

I hope to build a cabin higher up on the mountain someday, with a combination of wood and stone masonry. This picture from the internet is one of many inspiring examples:

In the meantime, we have settled for using a camper trailer as a base of operations on the property. You can see it here:

Here is the welcome sign I had carved for the base of our driveway:

Come one, come all!



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Unless you are going to live there year round, who needs a house? It looks like you already have all the comforts of home, and everything you need standing beside you.


Mr Clint,

I have a double-wide hammock strung up in my backyard back in the city-- a birthday gift for my wife.

What luxury!

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and a little further back

My place is on the right, field stone, hostas, creeping jenny, creeping thyme, assorted azaleas and hydrangeas.


Nice path, Moley. I have very simple path around the house. May be in the next life I’ll make something more sophisticated.