Sick peach tree in Turkey

I have family living in Turkey and they want to know what is attacking their peach tree. Here are the pictures sent to me

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Definitely looks like peach leaf curl to me. Unfortunately I don’t think there is anything effective you can do during the growing season, you have to treat in the fall or spring with preventative fungicide. Usually copper is used.



Classic peach leaf curl. Required treatment is during the dormant season.


Thanks! I’ll pass the word along. Trying to get my brother-in-law to join the forum. They know nothing about fruit trees and have bought this house in Turkey with lots of established trees.


Adding to the chorus, yes, it is peach leaf curl.
Fortunately it won’t kill the tree. But it will if unchecked for several years.
As others have mentioned, it just needs spraying with copper (preferably with a sticker) during the dormant season.


Copper and a sticker or Kocide and a sticker. Two to three application before bud break.

Single spray with Copper+sticker 3-4 weeks before bud break works perfectly for me.