Smallest plum variety to grow in ma

Found pixie Victoria plum variety, but it’s only available in the UK. Anyone know on any i could get in the US?

Hi Luis, welcome to the forum! I am not super familiar with plums, but I do know there are a few natives that grow more like shrubs you might want to check out, I think sand plums is a variety I’ve seen discussed.

Here is a currently active thread for various cultivars and some of their traits, however size is not one of them. Plum crack hose - #34 by alan

I imagine if you picked one with low vigor (read:grows slowly) you would be able to keep it pruned to a manageable size in perpetuity.

I can give you seeds from four wild plums. Three are from Prunus Americana and one is a cherry plum. All grow in a similar fashion in small thickets. You should check with @ PaulinKansas6b, to see if he can give you Sand Hill plum seed.
If you want to germinate wild seed use this process that I got from itheweatherman: “Yes, I stratify them.

I let the seeds dry for three days. After that, I crack the shell, then I soak the kernels in water for 30 minutes. Then in a sandwhich bag, I add three tablespoons of water, 1\3 cup of potting soil, and then the kernels. Then I store the bags in fridge in the egg section isle for two to three months or once the seedlings have .25 inch of taproot.”
Pic of my cherry plum

Pics of my three wild plums:

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If you’re in Massachusetts, you might think about beach plum (Prunus maritima), which is native to the New England coast. (More for cooking than fresh eating, though, from what I understand.)