So hard to find good watering cans?

All the watering cans I’ve found that look nice are criminal leakers. The brass/steel ones always seem to leak at the base/spout or are designed poorly. They also rust on the inside and I’m not sure if that’s healthy. Can someone please make a sturdy watering can? Maybe I need to increase my budget for a decent watering can.


You can try Haws, which is the Cadillac of cans. I have two of them - both metal and strong and don’t leak. However, one of them has the inner coating flaking off for years now and clogging the spout. I haven’t tried their plastic models.


Around here, the household auctions have all gone online and I was able to get a few solid, plastic cans for really cheap. ( retail prices for new was making me shudder)
I’m loving how much easier it is to water with them.

The older ones tend to be better quality and with the housing boom, (and other factors) lots of older people are moving out and clearing their stuff.
I think Maxsold is in lots of places and is easy to browse.

( I have an aunt who I hope will eventually be leaving me a couple of Haws cans)

i have a quality plastic one thats made in England. was $50 but got it at a discount store for $25. heavy duty and well made. impossible to break unless you ran it over. came with 2 spouts for it. dont remember the brand.

My wife got this one for my birthday back in the early-mid 90’s… 2 gal… the spout end you can turn up or down… it has been used a LOT every year since then and works great.

If something ever happens to it… I would want another just like it.

Hard to recall… buy it may have come from johnnys seed co.



The last one is a Haws watering can. They are still being made. They went through an ownership change and havent been made in the last 2-3 years. So I am in the market for one too.

Got my Haws at Lee Valley:

They haven’t had one in stock for over 2 years

I had a 2 gallon plastic one that was made in Switzerland. Worked great! Until I left it out all summer on the patio and the yellow plastic faded and then the seam started leaking.

Picked up a Dramm plastic 2 gallon that seems to copy the form of my swiss one perfectly. This time I will not store it out in the sun all season long.

Had a hard time finding a decent one. The ones at most of the chain stores were pure garbage. My wife bought 3 of them in 2 years from chain stores and they did not last nor did they distribute the water well. Pitiful performance and poorly made.

Two thumbs up for Dramm for making a decent one.

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Me too. Really like the Dramm function and price. We also noticed the deterioration of the plastic when left in the sun but we still do it sometimes… We really liked the brass rose on the Haws but the price is about 2X the Dramm