Socal Dapple Supreme Pollenator

My Dapple Supreme Tree is starting to bloom. I’ve only had this tree for 3 winters and it is always the very, very first of my plum / plum hybrid trees to bloom. The issue is it blooms well before anything else. The bloom order for the rest of my trees in this family are Flavor Grenade Pluot then Sweat Treat then Flavor King and Beauty Plum and Burgundy Plum somewhat together. I also have Sweat Treat and Candy Heart Pluerries but not for long enough to figure where they are in the blooming sequence.

The Dapple Supreme has bloomed every year, but there has been less than 5 fruit sets each year given nothing else blooms with it. The fruits I get are from those very few buds on the tree to bloom last.

What low chill pollinators can I put in to pollinate the Dapple Supreme flowers? I’m looking for something that blooms extremely early. I heard Flavorosa pluot was a good choice. Anything else?

Splash Pluot and Flavorosa Pluot tend to be early blooming for me in San Diego. Flavorosa Pluot being the earlier of the two. If you are interested in grafting Flavorosa Pluot I can send you some cuttings.

If no other varieties can be found,maybe try collecting some pollen from them,then storing in a freezer and hand pollinate the following year.

Chickasaw plum is low-chill.
There are also the Gulf series of plums.

Could he just cut a branch with flower buds, and bring it indoors to bloom early? Put it in a vase, and collect the pollen?

Oh yeah,that should work.

Flavorosa is a good early blooming pollenizer… i kept it around for that purpose…the fruit is only so so

Hey Steve,
I was wondering how things were going since that fire.Hopefully okay.

I got some scionwood from ThomasEconomous, so I’m going to graft some likely pollenators. That should help in a year or two plus give me some other varieties to try.

Nil’s suggestion got me to look into forcing blooms indoors. Really neat stuff.

For the current blooms, I put about a dozen Burgundy plum branches in the fridge at 38 degrees. Not sure how much chill the Burgundy plum already has. I’m thinking it needs another 25-50 hours or so before it’ll bloom. After 3 days in the fridge, I’ll take some out here and there and stick them in a vase at room temperature. I’ll post back here with how that works out.

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My candy heart is popping out now. That is my earliest. Hopefully yours will give some overlap. I have no other plum interspecific blooming.

Dapple Supreme is a tough one. Very good fruit too. I usually save some of my winter pruning wood and then put it out next to the tree in a jar of water. Not great but it helps.