Sour Cherries are not the pits!

Montmorency Cherries! Finally after ten years of not waiting patiently. Will be picking for three more days!

Sour Cherry Preserves


Beautiful, beautiful preserves.

Why did it take 10 years of waiting? That sounds like my efforts trying to grow apples. I got pears faster than I did apples.

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The tree took its time to mature. One year, one cherry, another year 22, last year 84 and this year hundreds! Many years -0- cherries. It decided it was ready and so was I!

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Congratulations! I really hope it doesn’t take mine that long to give me more than snack. It’s only 3 years old and looked like it would do decently this year. But we had a nasty weather event in late March while it bloomed that wiped out that hope.

Very nice! I like to leave the cherries whole too. I’d read that they roll off your toast, etc. but I never had that problem.

Very pretty!!


Mrs. G47,
Your cherries are beautiful. I love the look of your preserves as well. I have 3 nanking cherry bushes but they are practically new. I planted them in April 2015. . My niece had 6 bushes and she gave them to me but I attempted to transplant them in the summer because I had no choice. She wanted them gone. Unfortunately, they did not survive and they did end up being “gone”. I am in Georgia and they say that we have better luck with sour cherries but I know that the Nanking cherries did very well for my niece (before I killed them unintentionally) and she said that they were semi-sweet.
I would love to learn the art of preserving fruit-especially my peaches, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and figs. I read the book on canning and preserving but I do better with hands on experience from someone who does this regularly. Back to the subject though, I really love cherries and yours look delicious! Congrats. In time, I will find a class that I can take and I hope that mine will look as temptingly delicious as yours!!! Truly beautiful!

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Congratulations on your beautiful sour cherry harvest! I know exactly what you have been going through. I have five cherry trees and still waiting for my harvest year. I only planted one Montmorency and its the slowest growing. It also has been eaten at least twice by deer. It’s four years old and almost four foot tall now. My biggest is a Bing that is about twelve foot tall now. I so do hope to get the problem of to many cherries! I like your copper pitchers behind the jars too. Boy some vanilla ice cream topped with some of your cherries would go so good for dissert! Enjoy!

Hi! Go to

The tree is over 8’ tall and this is how I keep the birds and animals out!


Beautiful cherries Mrs G! I bet I end up using that net setup myself next year.

Your little orchard gets fabulous sun and that hedge must be a great windbreak. Love seeing pictures.

Johnny, you are reading my mind. Forget the crust, just the cherries and ice cream, oh yum! The copper pitchers are from Switzerland. Old and in need of a polish. Plenty more to pick! I just feel very lucky this year.


Hi Mrsg47,

Thanks so much for the website. This is just what I needed. Soon, I will be able to post pics! You are wonderful!

Wow! Thanks!