Source for Old School 'Newtown Pippin' Scions


The ‘Newtown Pippin’ grown by Stemilt in WA just isn’t the apple I remember from my youth. Given that it’s missing the trademark oblate shape, I think it might have mutated a little along its lineage of clonal propagation. Unfortunately, when I see photos in catalogs of ‘Newtown Pippin’, I also see this shape.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a source of ‘Newtown Pippin’ scion wood that is the genuine article, with not just the russeting by the oblate shape.


Check this site. They have a lot of older varieties. I have bought some trees from them. Nice trees.


I have always tasted a huge difference in the green and yellow newtowns, I wonder if this is just climate? The greens usually are more tart and the yellow more sweet but the green has a very unique after taste. I will hopefully get apples off my newtown this next year this year they bloomed but we got hit with 22 degrees that day too.


Their Albemarle Pippin selection looks just like what I’m growing in Northern California. My tree is probably fifty or sixty years old.


I have a Greasy Pippin. Can send scions to anyone interested.


What color is your Newton Pippin?


Apparently the Green Newtown has a distinct, characteristic growth habit that is quite a bit different from Yellow.


I’ve been curious ever since I saw ‘Newtown Pippin’ listed separately for green and yellow. I wonder which was the one I saw as a kid in stores. I’m guessing green because I never saw one that was yellow, even when allowed to continue to ripen in storage.

I guess I have to find someplace that offers it as scion wood.


Thanks for all your replies and links. I hope I can find scion wood, but if I can’t I may order from Albermarle Cider Works.


My tree displays a very weeping sort of growth habit, Its a new one so i have never gotten apples off it this next spring will be its third year and Im hopefully going to try some! My local grocer gets amazing pippins while the yellows are good the greens are just incredibly special and unique, Maybe these are just grown in a colder climate than the yellow as they arrive like 3 weeks apart and the yellow is from California and the Greens the grocery lady is unsure what state they from. Once I identify mine, i would send you scion wood.


That is a thoughtful offer. I don’t have room for more apple scions now though. I’m interested to hear how this one goes though.