Southern California Roll Call

I’ve been away for a while and would like to get reacquainted with folks in my locale. Feel free to chime in and talk about where you are and what ever is on your mind.

I’m in Lake Balboa which is roughly where the 405 and 101 freeway come together. It’s been a great year here for rain so far, and has stayed pretty cool as well.


Really missed ya, good to see you back.

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I’m in San Diego in the Rancho Penasquitos area which is near Poway.

The weather this spring has been unusually mild and wet! It does look like the drier, warmer conditions are now here.

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Love lake balboa! Beautiful parks… I’m from South Los Angeles near USC. But I work in the valley everyday…

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raises hand

It is definitely good to finally have a real rainy season… hose water just doesn’t do it. The fruit trees are showing their relief by flowering and fruiting profusely.

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Thanks @jaypeedee! Nice to be back. Hoping to catch up with folks.

Nice area where you’re at – does get dry like it does here. Hoping that the cool evenings will stick around a bit longer.

Sadly, the parks here in So Cal are going feral and deteriorating. I’ve been hearing horror stories. It’s the flipside for me, I live in the valley and work downtown. Funny, I sent a daughter to school at USC, and I have a shirt and hat to show for it. :slight_smile:

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Good to see you MrClint!

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Yes it gets pretty dry down here. We get less precipitation each year than LA (which isn’t saying that you get a lot, but a lot of the rain seems to pass to the north or south of us), but our average temperatures are a little bit less I believe. I’m about 8 miles inland on the western slope of a coastal mountain, so I do get a lot of the coastal fogs.

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Much better than normal rainy season, sure brought the weeds out! It is definitely nice to give the hose a rest.

Thanks for the warm welcome! I’ve missed you guys. :slight_smile:

Hello, another PQ resident from San Diego. The weather has been good enough to keep my water tanks filled. But, my recently planted long beans are not liking the cooler weather, should have waited til June to plant. I was just up in Riverside at Louie’s Nursery looking at their roses but ended up with two Sunshine blue blueberries. Are there any other unique nurseries up in LA or Orange county that are worth the trip up there?

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The way of the garden is that something good for one thing, may not be good for something else.

Two of my favorite nurseries up here are long gone: Sperling and Green Arrow. Such a shame.

Welcome! It’s always great to have another PQ member! You should introduce yourself in the Intro thread, let everyone know what your interests are:


Welcome back! Glad to see you in time to pick your brain about arbosano and arbequino olives, I didn’t time harvest well last year. I’m in Poway.

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Hey @Lids, what’s crackin’? Good to see/hear from you again!

Yeah, I’ll be curing up some olives again this year. Can’t wait. When I start to see the 'Arbequina` get some purple tips, I start harvesting about a 1/2 gallon at a time. It doesn’t have to be precise and it’s good to get green and multi-colored olives all together. ‘Arbosana’ comes a couple of weeks later and the same general rules apply. I don’t slice the fruits any more before curing, just start the water cure with whole olives. Works great with these little guys.

is @hoosierquilt still around? I had a citrus question for her. Looks like her last post was in 2017, does anyone know if she is OK?

She is OK but decided to focus her time and attention in other things. She was made aware that she is missed. I respect her decision.

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Good for her. I wish her well.