Southmeadow Fruit Gardens site issues

Has anyone else had issues trying to navigate through the Southmeadow Fruit Gardens site? I am trying to order from them. There seems to be no way to look at what the available tree stock is what rootstocks are currently available in that variety. I tried calling them and emailing them both without success.
Their site has “Spring of 2016” information on the site. Is this nursery still in business? Maybe I am not looking in the right area.
Thanks for your help.

I ordered from them this year. I do not think that SFG is always up-to-date on their webpage. Give a call and they will help you out.

I tried calling them a few times but the phone just rings and rings. It does not even go to a voice mail. I will try them again next week. Did you get their products yet? If so how were they?
Thank you for your reply.

I have not spoken with the owner since November. I think it is a one man show. He can be difficult to contact. Try to call around noon Central time.

I have not received my trees yet. I anticipate them being sent in April.

I am trying to get all my trees sent in April as well. He has a few varieties I’d like to try and get. I’ll have to wait to see if I hear from him. I did send an email as well. Maybe I will hear from him this weekend.
Thank you again.

Good luck! I ordered an Old Mixon Free peach from him 3 years ago now if I remember correctly and never received anything. I was lucky because I checked the reviews on DG and many people sent a personal check and never received their trees or got a bench graft the following year. I used my credit card after reading and hearing about the problems that people had and I never got charged. Peter of SMFG also owes Scott (who runs this board) an Old Mixon Free still and it’s been 10 years! Best of luck to the both of you. :laughing:

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Yup, he did the same thing to me. Ordered bearing age trees
and he sent me a bench graft.

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I thought they’d died of bad reputation disease years ago.


Thanks for the heads up. I will not take my chances with ordering anything from Southmeadow. I’ll find some other places to buy my trees. I went through this with another couple of companies ( not with any nursery or fruit tree company) and it was never really worked out or a pleasant experience. I’ll stick with other companies with a better track record. That was my point of posting this thread. I had a bad feeling about this company.