Sphagnum peat moss for bench grafts, and

I got some sphagnum peat moss for storing my bench grafts because I read somewhere it holds moisture better than wood shavings (animal bedding from feed store) and also because it will not grow any molds, bacteria, & etc., I assume because of its low PH.

Do any of you have thoughts regarding the use of sphagnum for holding [apple tree] bench grafts? Any possible harm from the low PH?

The soil at my location has a very high PH level, and so I plan to use elemental sulfur to bring the PH down…and also some of the sphagnum peat as well. Any thoughts regarding the sphagnum at planting/transplanting time (apple trees and honeyberry bushes)? Should I use as a mulch instead of mixing into soil?

Thanks in advance!

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how does the spagnum look? is it basiclyc “dried moss” or is it in some stage of decomposition?

“fresh” spagnum moss does not have a low PH i think. Or at least if never noticed any problems with it. But only used it 3 times.

It’s quite expensive around here.

I use some coco choir “bricks” don’t add water till they get soggy. slightly damp is perfect.
I use it on bench grafts to. If i need to store em a while before planting.

Generaly it is really hard to measurable change soil PH. (unless your close to 7)
I dunno whats best in your case. I avoid mixing amenmends into the planting hole. Also backfil with native soil. To get roots to grow bigger than the planting hole, and not stick around in the amended hole. so id use it as mulch. However don’t expect large PH changes.


It works fine for storing benchgrafts. We do it every year. As far as working it into the soil the effect of the pH on altering the pH level will probably be minimal unless you incorporate a lot of it.


I agree. I will only use as a mulch and not put any amendments in with the native soil, other than some Endomycorrhizal Inoculant (BEI) Micronized Powder.