Spice Zee Nectaplums

Spice Zee Nectaplums are soft ripe! The Flavor is similar to that of Arctic Jay Nectarine.


Good sugar content?


Yum, yum, yum. One of my very favorite stone fruits!

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:weary: You hadda post this. Just took it out of my Raintree basket…now I want to put it back in.

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Oh Regina, you want to put it back in. Truly, it is SO good. Almost up there with Flavor King, imvho. At least, for me i my yard, it is really outstanding.


Mine look really bad…not sure i’m going to ripen them properly or not…they seem to be squirting out sap all over… can’t be good…

They taste like Arctic Jay Nectarine, but two times sweeter! I wish that I would’ve had a refractometer.

Here’s my tree:

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How about a little reality here. Spice Zee isn’t way sweeter than Arctic Jay. In fact I’d say they are about the same. Arctic Star is probably better and the Honey series nectarines are definitely better IMO.

I’m wavering. How does Spice Zee do on the East Coast? I know Spring Satin has a better rep here. I’d love both if I could keep 'em potted.

I have one pretty small - can fit a 6-7’ canopy at most - and reflective (from light stained cedar shingles) south-facing heat sink area near the front door. Partially eave covered, its a dry spot…I’m deciding what to spend it on: a G5 sweet cherry or something like a SZ. Its too small for my dream-Frankenplum idea, but I’d like something of good quality there.

And Hubby says not another apple. Please. (his words, not mine.)

Mine were.

My Arctic Jay didn’t set this year, still very young (actual 1st real season in the ground), and poor winter chill hours. I don’t know if it’s sweeter than Arctic Jay, but I love its rich flavor. I only got 2 this season, again, due to the weather or bad cross-pollination. But, I got a LOT of Flavor King setting, so very excited about those. Now, if I can just keep the dang squirrels and rats out of the tree.

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Do you like Arctic Queen Nectarine? I don’t. I wasn’t surprised with the flavor.

I like Arctic Queen at least the one tree I had a few yrs ago. I’ve got a new tree with four fruit in 2nd leaf.

Was the Arctic Jay you tried something you grew or bought? Under equal growing conditions there’s no way Spice Zee is twice the brix of Arctic Jay. In fact I cropped both on the same tree about 4 yrs. Spice Zee ripens about 7 days later. Both would make 24 brix if well thinned. I rated both 8 of 10 on flavor.

One Arctic Jay this yr on a young overly water stressed tree ran 35 brix. It was about 2-2.5 inches and badly cracked from being so dry. But the flavor was good. 35 is the highest brix my meter will read and that’s off scale.

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Ulises, I have Arctic Star, which I like very much. It is very prolific, dependable, and vigorous. Fruitnut actually recommended this one for me several years ago, based on my climate, and it has been a winner.

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I tasted Arctic Queen at the Farmers market. The Arctic Jay nectarines that I’ve tasted were from the Supermarkets.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I neglected my nectaplum quite a bit. There were several times that the tree went without been watered for four to six days…The tree was so dry that the fruit had shriveled. Could this explain why they had a high sugar content?

I’m in zone 6a/5b and it got down to -16F last winter. Most of my fruit buds died on all my trees, but not all. Spice Zee has 6 fruits on a 3rd leaf tree. They look a lot different than the weatherman’s. Skin is purple, but fruits are still small. Seems most fruit here is way behind due to our late start here this year.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 Spice Zees from a 2nd leaf tree. Though I lost 4 others to a collapsed fence. :angry:

I planted an Arctic Star nectarine in the winter and hope it’s a winner too!