Spring Satin Plumcot

I just finished my first harvest of these from my tree in my greenhouse. A dropping fruit told me it was time to harvest! These have been pretty good. Sort of reminds me of Santa Rosa plum in that the flesh is sweet but there is some zing in the skin. This is great with me as I like Santa Rosa. I suspect the quality of these may fall a little short of the pluots but that is just a guess. Even if it is it is still a very good plum and I still think it is well worth growing. This looks like it could be a very productive tree as I was amazed at how many plums this little tree produced. With thinning I was able to obtain an ok size and the fruit is a beatiful dark purple color. Pretty impressed with this one so far.


Thanks for the report. Overall I have been impressed with Spring Satin, its not quite Flavor Supreme but its pretty close and much more reliable for me. It is similar in taste to FS, perfect specimens are very close but SS is hard to pick at perfect ripeness and the tops get too soft when the rest of the fruit is ripe.

You know it looks like it may ripen a little unevenly for me. The first one I picked was really soft, still good flavor and still ok but close to over ripe. A few days later I picked one that was too firm and under ripe for sure. The few I picked after that were perfect and then one dropped off the tree so I picked em. Ill let them sit in storage and see how they do. I really like the flavor for sure and I think it will get better as the tree matures and I get the picking times down. It sure seems supper productive for sure something I’m fond of.

Mine has fruited for the first time this year and is starting to ripen.
I’m surprised that the interior is red and not amber colored as I had
thought. Mine are small, and I’m wondering, if it needs thinning, in order
to get larger fruit. I never thin my plums and still get larger fruit, but SS
is my very first pluot to ripen, and I’m wondering, if they require thinning
like peaches. There is a little tang to the skin, but the meat is sweeter and better tasting than Santa Rosa IMO.

My SS needs heavy thinning. Not this year though as The freeze thinned nearly all. Also the first year or two it made only small fruit and they were also not as sweet.


I believe i have a few branches of this. They are behind the cots,but are larger then the plums at this stage. Round little fuzzballs?

No fuzz on mine they were green and smooth Then very quickly turned dark dark purple red
No fuzz at all though.

Ooops… I’m getting it confused with Hesse plumcot/aprium whatever it is.

Mine had fuzz, the few times it fruited. SS is supposed to be a plumcot, not a pluot. Or so They Said when I bought it.

??? This has no tag on it or it fell off so it finally has fruit and i’m still unsure…but i think its Hesse.

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Is that fuzzy? In the picture it looks smooth.

Yeah…not much though. A tiny bit of fuzz.

What pollinators did you use?

Since this is a 50\50 plum x apricot hybrid. You could get a pluot, 75% plum, 25% apricot, if it was pollinated by a plum. Or an Aprium, 75% apricot, 25% plum, if it was pollinated by an apricot.

It could have been anything. Almost everything bloomed around the same time… What pollinates plumcots?

Mine was pollinated by Santa Rosa plum definitely as it’s the only other one I have and there blooms over lapped almost perfectly.

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Hmmmm…i had pluots, plums, apricots all blooming…whatever pollinated it did a good job because there is a lot of fruit set.

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Save the seeds and plant them. If the seedlings have apricot-like leaves, then it was pollinated by an apricot, and you will get apriums.

If the seedlings resemble more like a plum, that means it got pollinated by plums, and you will get pluots.

Plant the seeds.

I just might! Do you stratify yours or anything before you plant em?

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Yes, I stratify them.

I let the seeds dry for three days. After that, I crack the shell, then I soak the kernels in water for 30 minutes. Then in a sandwhich bag, I add three tablespoons of water, 1\3 cup of potting soil, and then the kernels. Then I store the bags in fridge in the egg section isle for two to three months or once the seedlings have .25 inch of taproot.