Spring Satin Plumcot

Is Spring Satin really a plum x apricot cross?

I did some research and the parentage doesn’t mention any apricot.

Here’s the parentage:

BY4-601=(Queen Ann x Santa Rosa) x Frontier.

Source: pluot----New York State Horticulture Society.

I think i’ll warm stratifying mine for a few months and then will cold stratify them in the late fall…or at least that is my current plan.

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Dunno. It’s definitely sold as a plumcot but I have no idea what standards come with that labelling. I would love to hear more on this I’ll try and read up.

The name Pluot is owned by Zaiger, so SS, which was hybridized
by another company, couldn’t be called a Pluot, so they came up with
the name Plumcot.

Its that crossed with an unknown apricot. It looks like it could be 50-50, unlike the pluots.

The name “plumcot” is a non-patented name in use for a long time for any plum/apricot cross.

@wildscaper, were they shiny? They should not be shiny, they are like satin paint (probably a reason for the name), and are quite round, no pointed top to speak of. I guess I would agree they have no real fuzz on them, just the “satin” coat.

Is the coat similar to black velvet apricots?

iirc, Luther Burbank used the term plumcot for his hyrids. I believe he originated the term.

Plumcots are also known as Pluots®. California plant breeder Floyd Zaiger is widely credited with the development of this flavorful fruit he called a pluot (pronounced plew-ott). Mr. Zaiger saw so much potential in this fruit, he decided many years ago to register that name as a trademark. For many years, virtually all pluot trees in commercial production were Zaiger varieties, and most still are. However, other breeders have begun to make their own crosses of plum and apricot varieties and they cannot legally call their trees pluots. Because of this, many in the fruit marketing industry decided to change the name of the fruit to plumcot which we believe is a much more direct description of what this fruit actually is. This name change is voluntary for the most part and will take a few years to become widespread. Just know that whether you find our fruit marked as plumcots or pluots in your local store, it’s the same great-tasting fruit.


How do Hesse (Weinberger) and Spring Satin differ? Which one do you consider better?

I posted this in another thread several months back but for those that didnt see it and don’t know the history of plumcot vs pluot it’s a good read.

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No not shiny at all. It does have a heavy bloom. When I would squeeze the fruit to check for ripeness I could see my thumb prints in the bloom. Very interesting stuff hear.

Here they are right before I harvested.


I have a Spring Satin Plumcot.
Produced incredibly one year.
Great tasting.
I don’t know what happened but the tree died.
I going to have to remove it.

Just started harvesting spring satin plumcot here in se misouri . Let them get a little soft with a little red in the flesh and they are very good

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The problem I found with SS is that the whole tree tends to ripen
very quickly, leaving a very short picking window. The fruit doesn’t
hang on the tree long at all and will over ripen in no time.

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I had some of that experience too. All ripened very quick and some of the later eaten ones were too soft. I think I’ll start picking a bit soon next year and I think I’ll get better results.

They ripen so fast, if you pick soon, they aren’t ripe, and are highly acidic.

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Well perhaps they will be good for making jams and such. I still had several that were very good just a few that were over ripe. I still think it’s a good variety and the earliness is nice.

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Mine aren’t ripening all at once had 2 ripen first then the next day 7 then today 12. But it looks like most will ripen at the same time judging by color but then some lacking behind, so hopefully they will span a week. I do agree once they get to a certain point they ripen very fast and don’t stay at peak flavor for long. But still an excellent very early plum. Had one robada apricot fall off today it was very good as well, big highly colored great flavor.

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! I never see enough pictures! Please, cut one open and show us!