Spring signs!


we’ve had so much rain it’s the first time in 44 years since I lived here that it has come into the basement.




That is scary!


Yes you have to be very careful when driving into water, fortunately I know these roads very well and the water was less than a foot deep. Where the actual creeks are here the roads are closed , but you are right flooded roads are not to be taken lightly


Here is a photo of my nanking cherries, they are the first thing to wake up here


It was cooler today, cloudy, damp after a big rain last night, around 60. Today I noticed that the other raspberry plant seems to be starting a new greenish cane at ground level. Also saw some very small buds on one of the tart cherry bushes.

A good sign, the wild plum I transplanted last year has buds showing on it. Yes, they might get zapped, but at least that means it survived the transplant and cold weather. I hope to eventually convert it to Franken-fruit tree in the future.

One of drainage pipes got clogged again, which caused another overflow on the driveway. Got that cleared out. We got some real heavy rain overnight, the rain gauge showed 0.6", but it has a crack in it, so I imagine we got over an inch. Good news is that there shouldn’t be any more rain for the next three days, and it should cool down a bit. Lows near freezing tomorrow night, and next weekend.


I went out in the yard today and here is a picture of a Plum tree. It is still February. The temps were in the high 60- 70’s for a few days.



Forsythia blooming at the local parkIMG_1600


Okay, another plum bloom pic but this one has a tiny Bee/wasp??? Getting at the pollen. Problem is I don’t have another plum blooming!! :cry:


We have those too, except they are in the snow bank at the top of my driveway, lol!


Maybe, those bees can find other plum in 1-2 miles radius for you. They can fly that far.

And if your neighbors have plum trees that are in bloom, would you be able to ask for branch and cross pollinate their pollen with yours using a small paint brush? (granted it has to be a different variety).


Even after using the paint brush put the branch in a small jar with sugar water in it, and tape it to the tree trunk. The blossoms will last for a while and the bees can paint too. I did this last year with my cherries even though I have the trees, I wanted to up the takes. I have been putting grafts on my trees to help also but they haven’t grown blossoms yet on my cherries.



I didn’t realize that putting a sweater on my dormant trees made for nice fruit buds.

Is tat wool or acrylic?

Thanx for the tip



How have those Nanking’s done for you? I hear a lot of mixed reviews.


Sweater in the background helps camera to focus on the branch/buds. It’s not real wool.


I like them when they produce. They are small and tart but I think they have a good flavor. Most springs they get frosted out.


My true sign of spring. Ramps that i transplanted are popping up.


Break out the bacon!!


Saw my first robin of the year 2 days ago and the sandhill cranes have been back for a few days. Spring’s coming, but it sure isn’t in a hurry around here. Still around 15" of snow in the woods.