Spring signs!


The Canada Geese are back today! Goodness we just got another foot of snow this weekend, it is still up to my knees everywhere. What on earth will they do with no food and no open water. I think they might have to go back south for a while.


The last two days I could swear I’m hearing bluebird songs, but I haven’t seen one. Can’t believe they’re here, we just got about 4" of snow yesterday and that’s on top of the 15" that was already in the woods. It will be a longggg time until there’s any bugs around I think


Truer words were never spoken! When I see and talk to “normal people” (non fruit growers) on warm streaks in the middle of winter, they always talk about how wonderful it is and I’m always thinking “no it isn’t!”. ha


LOL that made me laugh. Up here it is considered downright wacky to suggest that an unusually warm spell isn’t welcome in the winter.


I guess spring is finally here… found these on my rounds today. From this thread I see crocus popped up 3 weeks earlier last year…


at least you can see your trees! :wink:


last fall i put in 150 various types of crocus bulbs from colorblends in a patch on my lawn. i hope they take and the voles didn’t eat them.


I hope so too. They are a welcome sight after months of winter. I should add more crocus.


they have many varieties at colorblends as well as many other types of spring bulbs.


Yes, the only sign of spring here is that in the mornings I hear lots of birds singing! There are puddles around now too, even though the snow piles are still waist deep.


going to finally get above freezing day temps next week. hopefully we aren’t to far behind you Katie!


Squirrels like to eat crocus, not sure if they’re an issue where you are? Here they sniff them out in the fall, eat the bulbs, and leave behind the papery casings in the yard.

They tend to leave daffodils alone in my yard. Can’t wait to see them!


i dispatch all the squirrels i see and haven’t seen any lately. once the snow goes i will watch over the patch carefully that is if the voles haven’t gotten them 1st.:wink:


I’m working on reducing the population here too!


Same here. We just lump all nusiance critters together. Skunk , rabbit, raccoon, armadillo,possum., Coyote, pig…


now than my dogs have a fenced in area, i leave the skunks alone. they dig the junebug grubs up in my lawn. saves me from spraying and the wife hates junebugs! :wink: last summer i was sitting in my yard, taking a break and just after sunset and a big ol’ girl walked right by me with 3 kits. she paused a sec., looked at me then just kept going. she knew i wasn’t a threat. the babies weren’t much bigger than a kitten., cute lil’ buggers!


you ever have a pig problem you let me know. its on my bucket list and would give me a excuse to visit FL and see your property. :wink:


Finding remains of rabbit around the place - coyotes at work


Yes they are always an issue here. Crocus bulbs would probably only survive if you cover with chicken wire or something over here.


Squirrels have left my tommy crocus alone. First year planting them. I have muscari up now with daffodils