Spring signs!


They were making a ruckus in my backyard last night.


That’s a fersure sign of spring!


can’t wait to see mine supposed to be in the 40;s again today then 2 days of warm rain. should put a dent in the snowpack.


I saw some bare patches of ground on my way to town. First bare dirt I’ve seen since right after Christmas. We’ve got a long ways to go until it’s actually spring, but at least there’s hope


my drive near the chicken coop also showed ground today for the 1st time. my birds were all over it looking for any still green shoots of grass. sat on a pail for almost a hr. watching them and the chickadees playing in the pines nearby.


It always sounds like you have a super nice life moose, well done.


created my little piece of heaven. :wink: my father always took the time to stop and smell the roses.


Another sign of spring here in north Georgia creeping phlox (native) flowering and the cows in our neighborhood have been having calves including my immediate neighbors cows pictured


Spring peepers just started calling last night here in central Maryland, and huge flocks of swans and geese are passing overhead. Standing in the dark last night I could hear multiple groups of birds at once. It’s happening!


My wife picked these this week, they are springing up all over the farm. This is about the normal time for them to be coming up. Don’t know what they’re called.

Grass is also starting to green up more.




I got woken up in the middle of the night last night by what must have been a very large flock flying over.

This spring is particularly poignant after such a cold wet and miserable run until now. Ahhhhhhhhhh :grin:


Isn’t it great! When out in the orchard the other day Scott, and feeling the sun was wonderful! I was pruning out black knot. But I’ve have to do that every Spring. Spraying this weekend. Just love the smell of spring!!!


Yes, I just confirmed this online. Thanks. They are quite prolific around here.


My unknown pear…first year to bloom


And even jujube


My first hello crocus was up this am. Then after going through the orchards, I noticed that the wild roses, raspberries and blackberries are starting to leaf out. I won’t have daffs for about two weeks. Great isn’t it? I think Spring is wonderful.


This made me go check my jujubes. My Honey Jar and Sugarcane haven’t done a thing yet. These things have better patience than the mesquite and pecan trees.


First bloom of the year, nankings


My SC and HJ have not done a thing yet either. I can’t remember which cultivar this one is. My seedlings are greening up faster than the larger trees. This was one in my orchard though that I was happy to see. Several have nodes that are getting fuller but no green yet. Yes, they are smarter than most since I had frost the last two mornings. Persimmons and muscadines are patient too!! :+1:


Most pears are blooming here but the jujubes are still SOUND asleep.