Stella and Lapins cherries

If you are growing both ‘Lapins’ and ‘Stella,’ I would appreciate learning what you have observed for their relative bloom times. A tree that I have suspected was mis-labled is doing poorly on its current rootstock and I was hoping to sort out what it actually is before deciding how to replace it. Thanks in advance.

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I have both, and the Lapins seems to come out earlier. It was definitely noticeable this year. I would guess at least a week difference.

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I have Stella and Kristen in full bloom now .

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planted our Stella cherry tree 2 months ago, seems like its having a problem. the tree was great when we got it, the leaves are drying. we do have it in a little clay, do you think this is beacuse of the shock since planted? I would upload another picture but since I just signed up I can only put up 1.

well this is what the stella looked like when we first got it. Stella is on the left

One problem that is common with sweet cherries is that cherry roots die in poorly drained soil. Clay is frequently a problem, especially if the tree is not planted on a slope, mound or raised bed. If you have a lot of rain or other water in the area it will drown.

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In addition, how rootbound was it when you took the tree out of the pot?

there was alot of roots on the bottom, I think we will put potting soil towards the bottom see if this helps, if not we will take it back and try again if they accept a return

will top soil maybe help? replace the soil from the bottom with topsoil?

My Lapin bloomed a few days before Stella. Stella is grafted to the Lapin.

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another picture of the stella, seems still might need dirt towards the bottom if it doesnt help will return it if possible

Stella is by far my latest blooming sweet cherry, but I don’t have lapins

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I don’t know if this is the cause of your problems but the tree is not planted optimally. I suggest planting at the top of a raised bed so that the roots are not asphyxiated. See the video at 9 minute mark for an example.
Also check the rootstock before you buy, for example do not plant a tree with Mahaleb roots in clay soil.

I took a picture, and shower the nursery he said it could be fire blight, sometimes i fell like giving up on this tree.

I would not get down on your ‘Stella’ tree from the nursery comment. Cherries are not normally associated with fire blight strikes. If it’s only been in the ground the past 2 months, I’d keep an eye on it, but give it more time to start growing.

I have a ph meter and said the soil is all the way to wet, i guess I might have been over watering.