Strange colored fruit recommendations

I love fruit that is colored differently than we expect, but a lot of them sound to be very small, unproductive, or bad tasting.

I’ve got a few plants myself that haven’t yet fruited, so I don’t know how they taste. Pink popcorn blueberry, wonderful pomegranate, redlove apple, and polar blackberry. I’ve heard polar blackberry are very bitter and redlove apples aren’t great right off the tree.

My yellow alpine strawberry is tasty but super small xD White Carolina strawberry is pretty good though!

I’d love some recommendations to try. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. I’m sure there’s plenty I’ve never heard of. I’d be happy to buy/try some from other growers here as well

I just want some weird looking but very sweet fruit

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Take a gander at cherimoya, dragon fruit, lychee, longan and rambutan.

I’m in Washington state with no greenhouse, most tropicals won’t fruit here or even survive the winter. I actually have pink and purple dragonfruit varieties (Townsend pink and dark star) but they are just weird houseplants due to not being able to grow well outside.

I don’t mean unusual fruit types, I specifically mean common fruits in weird colors

Blue bananas, but having no access to a greenhouse would make that challenging.

Edit: there’s also a red banana.

I’ve got a grand nain banana, but yeah it’s not hot or sunny enough for it to even get big enough to try to fruit. I’d love to try ice cream bananas

There’s a black apple that they grow in (Japan?).

Blue tomato like indigo rose,
White tomato,
Black nebula carrot (not a fruit but very cool looking)

Black diamond apples look so cool but afaik, nearly impossible to get ahold of, not to mention needing a crazy mild climate. Arkansas black apples I would love to get though :o

Ooohh those do look cool, I’ll look into them more!! The black carrots especially

If you are okay with veggies being in the list, look into chioggia beetroot and either Korean or purple sweet potatoes.

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Oca comes in fun colors

All my pink popcorn either got a disease or came from the nursery with a disease on them. They are not great plants. Pink lemonade is a much better plant if looking for a pink blueberry. I have heard of nocturn as a black blueberry but have not heard or seen resistance on it. I have heard Mountain Rose to be a good red fleshed apple though I have not ate the apple myself and it still needs a pollinator. There are red fleshed pears too. There is purple asparagus but it does not stay purple when cooked and if allowed to continue growing (you should allow the stalk to grow to continue getting more in future years) it turns more green. There is lavender mulberry which gets a purplish tinge to it.

I’m still trying to get ghost apple well established, but I think it looks super cool. Imagine it grafted next to Arkansas black. Thanks to a kind member I’m giving it another go this year.

The ghost photo is from the Internet but the Arkansas black photo is mine.


Opposite ends of the color spectrum. Nice looking fruit.

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You could always grow a few unusual tomatoes. Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Kelloggs Breakfast, Pink Honey, Bear Creek, Jaune Flammee, and Cherokee Purple would do a number on your tomato taste perception.

Even Berkeley Tie Died tomato.

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