Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?


My guess is with the older sats, that they take so long to design/build that by the time they were launched…the technology had advanced so much. The newest Goes16 which was just launched in the fall…is now operating…just not available to all of us yet… You can see some of the stuff here:

Full Disk image every 5mins///for Earth Day

It can do a bunch more stuff and should be awesome when severe weather season gets under way…

Looks like it has 1 min *updates every min" infrared imagery… in some scan mode for severe weather it can u pdate every 30 seconds

One more…this is the 30 second view…this will be awesome when these bad boys start firing over the plains in a month.


Thanks Mrs. G, as irritating as the situation is I was struck by the beauty when I went out to check things at 2am. My orchard has been transformed into something out of a fantasy or fairy tale. . .


Just a touch of frost this morning… Cleared out about 4am…should be fine

Looking…at 6:15 we did drop to 32F…but it mostly stayed around 34F… with full sun we should “warm” quickly…warm being 50F ish…


Some pics of icicle land this morning, Sun is out, light breeze, and things are melting fast. . . Here’s a Toka plum with Blushingstar blossoms in the foreground (it was under plastic with a light. )

Here’s a couple rows of blueberries

Superior Plum


Amazing looking!


I’ll be interested as we move into summer how everything turns out.

I think we are through the worst of it…at least the upper air temps warm some as we move ahead. Still looks very chilly sun/mon…and frost chances should stick around through late week…but i doubt a hard freeze at this time.


Reminded me of Ragnarok


Most of my pear crop is down to about 5% of normal crop with the unusual weather we have had. Grafting has been a trick this year it’s 85 one day and 35 the next. This week it’s consistently cold and rainy but I’m grafting anyway. Pears are fairly forgiving but I am using parafilm on every graft which takes at least twice as long. Hope your strange weather is better. Multiple frosts and very cold temperature dips several times will make for a much easier than normal summer. Picking pear fruit will not be a concern.


Looking back at my records we did our apple and pear grafts middle of April last year and they nearly all took. . . like you said, pretty forgiving.


Mike those are some of the coolest photos I’ve seen here. I sort of hate to take enjoyment out of what likely is the loss of most of your fruit, but those are amazing pics! Hopefully the ice provided more protection than damage? Good luck.


Yikes… get your shovels out? Christmas time :snowman:


Thanks Kevin, I’m optimistic, if I am lucky enough to get fruit I will be sure to post before and after pictures.


The pattern is garbage until midweek…just looking for here…we should go above 60F on Thursday…>Fri maybe 70F and after that the model has 70F+ for the rest of the run (mid may)…so a pattern change looks to be in the works.


We were originally forecast to get about an inch of rain overnight. I was up until 2am down in the old house tending to our new cat, and we were getting some pretty good “heat lightning”, as my wife calls it. It was a very warm evening, only dropped to 63. When I got back up to the house, I checked the radar, and lines of storms were headed our way.

I got woke up at least four times by heavy rain and lightning. It’s stopped for now, but still cloudy. I just checked the rain gauge, and we got about a third of inch of rain. It’s supposed to be in the 80s later today, so it’ll be a steam bath out there.

My garden plots that didn’t get disced got a bit of moisture, hope they don’t turn into rock hard clods when it warms up. Due to the tractor out of commission, it’ll be two weeks before I can get that done. Guess we’ll just have a later start to our gardens.


We had five inches last week and three inches this week so far with heavy rain predicted for today. The ground is so soft here that I pulled up a three year old rose of Sharon by hand this morning


It’s 33F and snowing in Amarillo right now. I’m hoping it doesn’t freeze here tonight. I’ve got sweetcorn tasseling…very hard to cover.


I can’t believe you have sweet corn that far along and still have to worry about frost. I have peaches the size of a quarter and a friend of mine that lives six miles away in a creek bottom had frost on his wind shield last weekend


Sprinkler bungee corded to the top of a ladder?


I’m thinking all that ice would crush the corn or at least lay it over. I’ll probably just hope for the best esp if the wind is blowing. Can’t even put on frost blanket in the wind…


Here is a photo my cousin posted of his back yard 70 miles north of Amarillo