Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?


After seeing around 100 blooms on all three of my newer apricots, one tree dropped all buds after petal fall, one tree kept a few, (both Tomcot) and the Harglow, which blooms about a week or so later still has white flowers, so I do not know about bloom set. On a quick tour this am. I could only find about 10 Tomcots, so far. Cots are difficult in 7a.


I just checked the radar, and y’all are getting hammered still. My Mom and sis in Tulsa are still getting more rain, who knows how much they’ve had already. Folks’ gardens around there are pretty much shot because of all the water. Guess I shouldn’t complain about a few showers, it’s sunny and steamy now.


I’m glad I got Harglow, it more often than not will fruit when Flavor Delight doesn’t - my only two cots


Yes , a bit damp here , I planted my tomatoes and didn’t even bother to water them in, lol


Ah sunny and steamy. I pine for sunny and steamy. . .


Yep, got the A/C going, wearing shorts and T-shirt. The humidity seems to sap your energy, but I’ll take that over cold & dank. We put clothes on the clothesline today, and seemed to take a while for them to dry out in the humid air. But, beats wasting power on running the dryer! Unless it rains, we don’t use the dryer until maybe September.


Turned the heat back on

Don’t like the outlook for Tuesday overnite at all


Here in beautiful SW Texas my heat is back on as well. Has fallen into the 40s with a strong north wind. It was 91 yesterday. Today it’s not even warm in the greenhouse…lol


50F clouds and windy here… I’m ready for summer


Well it actually got down to 18F last night here, along with 8-10" of new snow. Not that unusual for us weather-wise, but with the previous warmth, there are several trees (apples and pears) in tight cluster stage. Not sure if the snow helped shield them at all from the cold, guess I will find out. Supposed to about that cold again tonight too :sweat:


Clear/cold/calm setting up for tomorrow night. Hard to say what it will bring for me. I hope it is better there. Been a long spring with all of this.

The forecast is calling for 38 F for my location, so will almost certainly mean frost for me if we don’t have wind over 5mph. Hopefully everything will be able to take it.


Lots of sun and 60Fs in the extended here…i’ll take it…nights look chilly…ish… I think maybe some light frost here weds morning but i’m not moving any trees. They sat out when it was snowing today.


Well that 18.5F is looking good now. Night before last it got down to 10.5F, no snow this time.

Inspection today did not show any obviously dead buds, but it’s likely too soon to tell. Ah well…


It’s been super windy here the last couple of days, and is forecast to be tomorrow. Was also very warm (upper 70s) over the weekend, before a front blew through this morn with about half an inch of rain.

The sun came out enough for us to hang laundry on the line, and plant the four raspberry plants. I spent part of the day outside tying the apple trees planted last year to stakes, the wind was whipping them around pretty good. I’d say gusts up to 40mph.

They’re calling for over an inch of rain on Thu and low temps down in the high 30s over this weekend. No big deal, as we don’t have anything planted yet.


Official frost warning here for tonite




Same here…35F… Maybe all the recent rain will help hold temps up a little…


Predicted to be 10F Thursday afternoon. Guess I can’t really protect any tree in ground.


Rob -

Do you know what upper-level temperature effectively puts a cap on the amount of radiational cooling that you can have on a clear/calm night? Presumably at some point the amount of leaving long wave radiation should equal the downward radiation from the upper atmosphere, correct?

Is it the 925 mb or the 850 mb?



That low this time of the year. 10F? At that low, all the leafed out trees will be toast.