Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?


got flash flood watches out for today, tonight and tomorrow. in the lower 80’s and sticky as hell! supposed to be bad thunderstorms with heavy rain and maybe hail! most my plants are in flower or just finished flowering. a few haven’t started yet. guess its better than having fruit on.


Yes, except that most wind turbines take themselves off-line (either fully or partially) at high wind speeds. They can’t handle that much energy.


Just looking at the Euro… Strong cold front moves thru for Sat and the cool air hangs around thru at least next Weds… Looks like a very nice pattern if you dislike heat/humidity…at least up here in the midwest/lakes.

Temp dropped to 55F last night here… Sparta and BRF WI were 44F this morning. For the longest day of the year…pretty cool temps.


Tis the season… Christmas Eve is 4 months from now! Jingle bells…jingle bells…


last 2 nights hit 41. wont be long now. :frowning:


Holy cow. Is this normal? It is not even Sept.


last mon. we hit 31f with a light frost. today its 48f with a upper 30 windshield factor! looks like it wants to snow! had to turn on the furnace! even too cold for up here this time of year!


Yikes! furnace? Too early for that. I do wonder with this cooling, if we’ll flip then and have a mild fall.

Freeze across parts of Canada


see that 31 at the tip top of maine, thats us!


The odd weather continued this year and I’m concerned about the well being of my fruit trees and bushes with all this hot weather. The climate has been very different.


It’s the fluctuating temperatures during winter and spring that worry me most. I hope that’s not a trend that continues this year.


Its nice to hear rumors of us approaching -10F in the next week or so. Lets hope the cold weather lasts for awhile because it is beneficial as much as I don’t care for it. Hoping the weird warm weather is finished.


We have a test winter going the next 2 days with temps -17 tonight and -22 tomorrow. I won’t cut and ship scions this winter as viability will be in question.:frowning_face:


It is not just climate change. There are lots of landmines here. I still read for the useful info, but almost never post anymore. I can’t deal with the drama.


I am in same boat with you here in Omaha. Cold. I hope my Hybrid persimmons can handle this -F weather. A big test.



We have forcasts of 22F for Monday and 21F for Thursday. This is good for most of my fruit, but it will be a real test for my cold hardy citrus. Needless to say that I will be covering everybody those nights and turning the Christmas lights on. God bless.



That is really getting down there Chikn!


So next night we’ll have -20 F (-29 C). This is probably the coldest temperature in 20 years. And we had several nights at -10-15 F range and would probably will get more of them. I became interested in winter hardiness of various trees and my conclusions are not very promising. Based on the cold that we will have next week (and it might be worse at the end of the winter) most of the trees will have damage to the fruit buds and many might also die. The most sensitive to killing cold are hybrid persimmons (-25 C), peaches (-25 C for fruit buds and -28-30 C for wood), sweet cherries (-25 C for fruit buds and -27-30 C for wood), jujube, pawpaw, mulberries, quince (all up to -30 C for wood) and probably Asian plums. A little bit more hardier will be apricots (-28 C for fruit buds and up to -37C for wood), apples (-35-40 C for wood), pears (-30-35 C for wood), European plums and American hybrids (-38C for wood) , American persimmons (-35 C wood), sour cherries (-32-34 C for fruit buds and -38 C for wood).
All the data is very general and the actual hardiness depends of many factors. Many varieties are not selected for winter hardiness, so even apples, pears and plums will be damaged. I just hope that my grafted peaches and cherries won’t die to the ground. :sleepy:


Hi All,

The -20F will surely kill my Asian and Hybrid persimmon trees. I will have brave the weather today and try to cover a few of my persimmon trees with a light bulb in the center on all night. Too much time invested in them to let them die like that. UGH!!!



the cold weather is bad enough but the very dry cold wind coupled with it could cause even more damage even if the tree is your zone hardy. some of the farmers that have bigger orchards will lightly mist their trees with water to provide a ice layer to protect them from desiccation.