Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?


Please be careful! What a story. :heart_eyes:


Kids don’t realize to watch out for dangers such as power lines and don’t realize how wet ground and metal tin sheets are dangerous in storms. Another’s friends horse was under a tree in a lightning storm like this and was killed. I was out in several such storms and those childhood memories stayed with me and I stayed away from metal and trees. It was 96 degrees today and with this water trees will be growing like weeds. Here are a couple of pictures so you have a visual of this storm. It’s supposed to be light out. It was a gorgeous but muggy day in between these strong storms.


Just looking at the euro from this afternoon…looks like at least up here…one maybe warm/hot day next week and then another shot over “cool” air again for next weekend. Definite pattern change at least for another 7-10 days.

break out the long sleeves!


Yeah, that sounds about right. Wisconsin has slightly more clement weather than SE Iowa. It always is relief to visit friends in Madison in August. If only you weren’t in zone 4! And have 3 fewer weeks of growing season.


we’ve had a very cool wet spring and a cool early summer so far. today is the 1st day we are supposed to hit 80f but after tom. cold front passes we will be back into upper 60’s low 70’s again. hard to get any amount of growth without some warmer weather esp for zone 4 rated plants. zone 2 and 3 plants like the cooler weather. maybe later in summer will give us some heat.


It is nice to get relief in the summer. Cold fronts this time of year are usually just a drop in dew points and a wind shift. The cooler nights sure help the AC take a break though.

For La Crosse we are stilling running over 8F above normal for the month of June…so obviously this will start to shave a little off that…

I can remember needing a jacket several times in July when we go to various things at night. Last year down at Riverfest (early July) i was freezing. I remember years ago my brother going to Hayward on a trip and they couldn’t swim it was so cold. It varies though…usually it’ll just bounce back the other way and it will be sickly hot.


I was reading about a lady who said the wind was so strong,it blew the sun right off her Tomato plants. Brady


The wind ripped through here again breaking off grafts and trees! 80mph was the top wind speeds. Did find some pears that had been violently twisted.


Those are crazy winds. I’ve had mid 50s here a few times and that is plenty for me.

73F right now…been in the 70Fs all day. Dews in the mid 50Fs so very comfortable. I’ve seen people with light jackets on…some sun, but mostly clouds that at times looking rainish.


Maybe the pea vines will go for a 2nd round in that weather - I haven’t pulled them yet


Saw some of the golfers at the US Open in long sleeves


Well, looks like that predicted half of rain was a bit off. We had two lines roll thru about 3-4pm, and that dumped an inch on us. We had a brief reprieve for about an hour, and we’re now getting hit with even more over the last hour, and more is still on the way. Wouldn’t be surprised if we get another couple inches. We’re under a flash flood warning, so it’s basically the same as we got three weeks ago, spread out over many hours.

During the break in the rain, I went down to check the corn and bean patch, and it had small rivulets running thru it. The tomato/pepper patch looked OK, just some standing pools.

But, now the corn patch has rivers running thru it, and is washing down the hill like it did last month. Our corn and beans have been up for about a week, so don’t know if some won’t be washed away. The strawberry patch looks sorry as well, and the other plots are mudpits. I worry about my fruit trees and bushes also.

The only good thing about the weather is that this will clear out tonight, and be nice the rest of the week. This is sooo maddening, I can hardly stand it. Is this is what’s in store this summer? Brief periods of nice weather punctuated by the occasional deluge? It seems to do this every summer here. No wonder we can’t get decent harvests…


NAEFS is really backing off any heat for a large mid section of the country…at least thru early July. Not sure what happens after that. NE usa looks to stay downright chilly.

Thing to remember is this time of year…“chilly” is still pretty mild even up here… 50Fs for lows, 60Fs to low 70Fs for highs…


I am in the boat with you. We had winds from 90 to 120 miles per hour in certain parts of Omaha and Bellevue. 70,000 households without power until today. I loss about 6 nicely growing grafts.



That is a category one hurricane windspeed!!!


Update. It finally stopped raining about 8:30, so I had just enough daylight to go out and inspect things. Our rain gauge showed a total of 3.5in for today. So, another “gully-washer”, when we had that much a month ago, but this rain was spread out over 4-5 hours. We got most of it early in the evening. Lots of lightning and thunder as well.

But it still made a mess, there is a big channel washed out of the corn/bean patch, with about ten or so bean sprouts washed out. Most of the corn looks OK, but the beans’ leaves are very muddy.

The tomato/pepper patch had small rivulets running thru it but actually looks alright. All the tom plants are staked and have straw under them so that helps a lot. The tater patch has some standing water, but is just a big mud pit. Hope our newly planted seed taters don’t rot again. The cuke patch has some runoff, but should be OK, and the strawberry plot is in similar shape.

All the fruit trees/bushes look fine, except a couple blueberries are standing in a bit of water.

We’re not done with the rain, as more is moving into the area overnight. Man, I’m tired of this stuff.


60-80mph winds are strong. Tony was really in it this time! I’ve seen 100+ mph winds here and they are significantly more dangerous than 80 mph. Tornadoes are really dangerous and I’m surprised we have not seen more of them lately. The hail can be bad, a close friend had it knock out a bunch of glass in his house about 10 years ago. In my particular area of Kansas we see some nasty storms! I’m a couple of hours.away from Tony so we see a lot of the same storms. Some people exaggerate but literally I mean we see some nasty storms in my location!
Sorry you lost so many trees. This wind has got a lot of my grafts a couple of years in a row now. I keep after it and graft more. The frost got a lot of my fruit but because I grow diverse fruits it will still be a great year. Kansas and Nebraska are two of the toughest states to grow things! Certainly we are also very fortunate to have plenty of water this year. It sounds terrible because this storm did do a lot of damage but it was still a fair trade for the water I got out of the deal! My remaining trees and grafts needed that water so the few grafts and trees were sacrificed to benefit the many which is a cost that comes a long with this location. I’ve lost hundreds of grafts before to grasshoppers with nothing in return.


In the midtown Omaha where I live we had plenty of rain but not so strong winds. My place is downhill and protected from winds. No broken trees in the neighborhood and luckily all grafts are fine. I realized that the storm was really strong when we went to Zorinski lake and saw broken trees laying everywhere.


Yes, the energy in wind goes up by the speed cubed. So 2x the speed is 2 * 2 * 2 = 8 times the energy. So the increase in wind from 80mph to 100mph packs 1.953x the energy… or almost 2x


Think of one of those big wind generators…the amt of energy they would put out at 80mph.