Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?


Could be worse…Colorado has seen a ton of snow…

Here’s a look at the latest snowfall totals from the National Weather Service as of 7 a.m. on Thursday.

Breckenridge - 16.5 inches
Nederland - 28 inches
Conifer - 17 inches
Silverthorne - 16 inches
Vail - 10 inches
Genesee - 17.7 inches
Estes Park - 31 inches
Evergreen - 14 inches
Allenspark - 36 inches
Aspen Springs - 21.5 inches
Eldorado Springs - 30 inches 
Golden - 13.5 inches 
Ward - 38.2 inches
Bailey - 9 inches 
Boulder - 3.8 inches
Lafayette - 6 inches
Larkspur - 8.3 inches
Crested Butte - 6.2 inches 
Fort Collins - 7.5 inches
Colorado Springs - 3.5 inches 
Loveland - 5.8 inches
Louisville - 9.8 inches
Superior - 10 inches 
Castle Rock - 6.0 inches
Broomfield - 4.8 inches
Greeley - 4.1 inches 
Arvada - 5 inches 
Aurora - 2 inches 
Lakewood - 5 inches 
Highlands Ranch 3.5 inches


Yup, about 3’ total snowfall at my place. Wet heavy stuff. Actually we lucked out, as the storm was supposed to last 2 days, but did not really get any snow today (the 2nd day). Had a few lilacs break under the snow load but so far the fruit trees seem to have made it thru OK (although I have not trudged thru the snow to check up close).

Guess I won’t have to water for a while…


44F and stupid heavy rain. We need a drought. Its been just stupid wet here for over a year now.


Cold cold rain. The trees and flowers look very sad. Not a good weather to be outside. There will be more disease issues after this.


My lawn and fruit trees are water logged.



5.67 inches of rain through yesterday…another inch today… more rain mon/tues…and then a good shot of rain next friday…


I keep seeing weather temp maps predicting above average temps for Maine for this summer but they have been doing that for the last 3 months and the day time high temps seem below normal. We’ve had just enough sun to get through pollination but it has by no means been a sunny spring. Anyone else with an overview of their spring weather compared to “normal”?


Newspaper just reported that our spring is the 14th-wettest on record


How is Brookcot doing?


Radio farm show reports we had the driest first half of June ever, no rain. After 2 weeks of heat and dry, the sky has opened and it is pouring. yea. Of course I take credit for it, we just put out our drip system.:grinning:


Thankful to see some rain after a dry spell and I was very thankful for the dry spell because I got the cherries picked before they cracked. The weird weather got most of my apples and pears this year. Taking what we can get for a harvest this year.


Matt, Brookcot did not set fruits this year. My winner is Harcot (6 fruits), then Robada (2), Orangered (1), Pixie (1). Chinese sweet pit, the main tree, have only 1 left. At least it is better than the last year. Robada is getting yellow and will be ready soon. :slight_smile:


Got an email from the arborist - WATER YOUR TREES!

The rain that was supposed to come today just piffled away to nothing


We got rain last night and 80 mph wind again. I will check my grafts today but I have been cutting them back so they should be ok. Feeling very fortunate to get all this rain! We likely got an inch last night and half an inch earlier in the week.


1.25 inches of rain here…thunder, wind all of that last night…but moved out fast.

Rain shot tonite looks further south across Iowa/IL… still should see some rain here.

Looks much cooler Sun/Mon/Tues… Tues night should see some “chilly” temps in cold spots. Places like Sparta, WI/BRF should drop well into the 40Fs…probably low/mid 50Fs here… after today i’d guess the A/C can take a little break for a few days.


OMG, thats hurricane force is it not? That like living in a wind tunnel!


We got 1.8" here last night to total about 2.8" since Wednesday, which is our total rainfall for the month of June. The first 14 days were dry.

The rain came just on time. It was needed for sure. Typical for it to come nearly all in one shot.

As Rob says, dewpoints here will be back down in the 50’s. Will be nice to have the A/C off for a couple of days.


Yes wind gusts today are 60 mph. Our concern is hail or tornadoes that are sometimes spawned up in these type of storms. As long as they bring rain and it’s just wind we expect that or at least we should it happens nearly every year around this time. Strong thunderstorms are just part of life here. Some locations such as Texas have even more intense weather swings. When I was a kid one of my closest friends was killed in such a storm because lightning downed a power line that fell on tin sheets. She was looking for her cats and stepped on the tin and was killed instantly. The storm last night did drop a couple of trees that had died or were weak. This weather is why I try and prune my grafts the first year or two until they are healed and strong enough.


Just in time, fersure. This week’s drought report map had us in D-0


We are getting near 90 degrees with small storms and rain every day. I think that I could sit outside and watch my tomatoes grow.