Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?


I always try to plant them, the varmints get them all

I need to get the perennial kind, I suppose


We got down to 30 last night and maybe tonight. Most fruit was set except grapes. Some cherries are almost 1/2" diameter already. So far they don’t seem fazed, hope they hold on. The older grape leaves seem fine and the grape flower bud clusters look ok but the brand new leaves are crispy. Same with mulberries.


Yeah…almost need to hardware cloth them until they are quite big. I use to have a huge bed of sunflowers every year…monster ones…i think i just had to fence it in until they were big enough. I’ve got 2 baby bunnies now…and 1 big one. Its interesting how they eat everything BUT weeds… I was clearing out my black raspberry bed and noticed they have been trimming all the new shoots…even shoots that were buried in ground ivy were chewed… I wonder if neem oil would help?

Don’t go out west!


Days 8-10 suggest summer in the midwest (Iowa/WI)…that red line…i call that the summer line


Not strange weather to report really, just a rainy day here, and supposed to rain most of the day. Judging by way the radar looks, it seems we are in line for a conveyor belt of the wet stuff for a few hours. Plus, more over the next few days.

Not as cold this morn as yesterday. I noticed a few dark blades of certain grasses, but it looks like things made it thru OK.


Kansas weather is full of tricks this year. It’s early May and we are staying close to 90 which is no doubt cooking the grafts. The winter / spring weather as expected destroyed 90% of the blooms that would have been this years fruit crop.


Looks warm up here through tues/weds…maybe upper 80Fs Tues depending on sun…but after that a strong push of some very cold air in Ontario should cool us off nicely to end the week…extended looks much more seasonal (not 80fs). no frost or freezes or anything near that in the forecast.


No lows approaching 32 in the 10 day forecast for central/west central MN. Let’s hope that is accurate.


From upper 80Fs to probably mid 50Fs tomorrow afternoon…low 40Fs Thurs night… chilly/clouds Friday… Summer isn’t here to stay quite yet.


Holy cats…get those blankets back out…cut some firewood!


Forecast says 37 here tomorrow night, with lows in the low 40s for the rest of the 10 day. At least no frosts in the forecast. I think last year we had a couple nights around 30 during the third or fourth week of May. Totally wiped out the acorn crop


I wouldn’t doubt parts of NE Wisconsin see some frost a week from now…all the extended models show cool/cold…obviously its late May version…not late April…still from mid 80Fs and humidity…it’ll be a shock.

Cold really wants to build into the lakes region…NE…that should include the midwest too…just hope for some sunshine.

Low shoots thru Ohio Valley pulling down some 0C or colder 850 temps down into Wisconsin…


Be ready for the temp to drop this storm surprised a lot of people here. It went form being in the 70-80’s range to the high of 45 today and the low of 32.5 on my thermometer. I haven’t gone out to check my tomatoes yet I have hope because it was a rain/snow mix when it got that cold with no frost pockets. Tonight it is supposed to be another cold one but the weather man is predicting that it will be partly cloudy with more storms so hopefully it will stay above freezing.


Colorado is getting a late May storm. Snow up in the higher elevations (1-3’) and rain down at lower elevs. Supposed to be up to 5" of liquid in this storm. Consensus on the weather underground seems to be for about 2’ of snow for my location, but we will see.

I plan to go out and shake the snow off the tree branches at a few point during the storm. Only flowers open now are a couple of pears (same ones I thought were goners from the cold snap earlier) and a native plum. Most everything else has yet to open, so should be OK even if we get a bit below freezing.

Looks like I will be spending a couple of days at home (or shoveling).


Got to love that snow… very nice day here in SW Wisconsin…getting plenty of sun this afternoon…the wind feels like air conditioning…good day to dry out after all the rain. 61F right now.


My thermometer said last night it got down to 29.6, but I don’t know for how long it was 33 when I woke up. There was ice on my windshield but the grass and trees weren’t frosted. I had damage to a kiwi and fig, no surprise there. My tomatoes and basil were only in the ground for a week and are maimed but I am going to see if they can recover because hey have healthy leaves near the ground. The surprise was I got damage on the upper limbs of a seedling pawpaw and my Burton hican. My area wasn’t supposed to get to freezing temps, I will say it again this is a cold storm and it still hasn’t warmed up.


I had the air conditioning on a few days ago…now i might have to turn the furnace back on…

Temp has sat in the low 40Fs all night with clouds. brrrrrrrrr Looks like rain comes back tonite…tomorrow looks like a washout.


That’s been the story here which really pushed back my grafting season. Getting everything grafted finally in 80 degree temperature or 30’s. We had a nice week of 70’s and I spent the entire time working on everything I needed to do but noir what I wanted to do which was graft. Hope no one else gets that type of spring. It’s been a roller coaster here with nearly 90 degree temperatures already. Literally we ran the air , then heat exactly like your describing.


I just wanted to write about our roller coaster temperatures but @clarkinks beat me and was the first. Up and down, up and down all spring. This last time it was 90s just two days ago and now it will be a couple days of 50s. Then it will be a slow climb up. That is said I am happy this year that I have done most grafting in March, it is impossible to wait for the perfect temperatures in this weather.


I’m thankful this year I did not have to graft the types of trees you were doing this year. March was probably the best weather we had for consistent temps. It’s all a guessing game and at times we guess wrong. I’m worried about apples and pears not taking due to 90 or nearly 90 and the temps drop to 30 and right back up or down a day or two later.